Accidentally put weight on foot…

I’d appreciate any thoughts (reassuring or otherwise) about this.

I’m still in a cast (4 weeks tomorrow) not equinus anymore but still not flat. We were coming out of the theatre, the rows of seats are narrow, and I had to crutch along and then start going up some stairs at an angle. I was worrying too about getting out ahead of the rush. Anyway at some point I put down the wrong foot! I think I sort of stood on the toes of that foot for a second). I don’t know how much weight I put on it. The tendon hurt at the time - a bit like it did when the ankle was stretched to go into the new cast. Now the tendon doesn’t hurt, but it hurts a bit higher up, I guess near the calf muscle. It doesn’t hurt much, or constantly, but I’m just scared in case I have torn it…

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  1. I did something similar even earlier in my recovery, twice. One time I felt a ripping and the second time just pain in the tendon and toes (pain the first time too). I thought for sure I had ruptured it but fortunately I didn’t. I didn’t have it hurt up in the calf area though.

    Call a doc if you are worried! They will get you answer one way or another!

  2. Nearly all of us have had similar scares of accidentally placing weight on our injured foot while still NWB. I know I had 2, the 2nd worst than the first as I had fallen off my knee scooter and caught myself with my casted foot–ouch! However, nearly all, including me, don’t tear or re-rupture their Achilles tendon as a result. The casts and boots provided are designed to be very protective of your healing Achilles and they do work. My guess is your weakened calf muscle instinctively contracted a little at the feeling of weight bearing and that’s what you’re feeling now. Given your description of events, I would be very surprised if you’ve done any real harm. -David

  3. For another data point, I did the same thing 4-5 days ago. I was hopping up on a bar stool and accidentally tapped the casted foot on the ground. I experienced a little pain higher than my repair, near the bottom part of my calf. Like davidk said above, I think it was the calf muscle contracting. In fact mine stayed tight, almost to the point of a mild cramp for days. When my cast was removed three days later, it was still tight. The surgeon pushed around on my calf (very uncomfortable for me) and said not to worry. When I was finally able to feel the area that was painful, the muscle felt very hard and knotted. I’ve been massaging it now that I’m in boot.

  4. When I was still NWB and in the boot I took a really bad fall and came down hard on my injured leg hitting the toe on the ground. The pain radiated all the way up my achilles and calf. It caused a little bleeding at my scar (where I still had a scab from the stitches being removed)and lots of swelling. I too, thought I tore it again. thankfully, I did not. Hopefully you will find that you are fine as well, but the best thing is to check it out with your dr. because at least you can stop worrying and wondering.

  5. Thank you so much for these replies - they are very reassuring.
    The pain is totally gone now, and all seems back to normal, so I’m going to assume that no damage has been done.

  6. I’m so glad to have found these replies! I’m 2 weeks in to this and accidentally put weight on the wrong foot in a near fall from my knee scooter. I was terrified that I might have ruined the whole process! Gonna follow through with my Dr. in a few days just to be safe. I’ll be so glad when this is over.

  7. TaraH, I rolled my ankle at day 43 while in a protective boot, felt sharp pain, went back to my surgeon to get checked out. Turns out I sprained my ankle, but did not injure the tendon. While it’s always risky to draw conclusions with a sample of one, I do think that the casts and boots do a great job of providing protection. That said, definitely worth seeing your orthopedist to get a clear picture. A good clinician will be able to tell a lot.

    Good luck!

  8. I am also glad to read these replies. I am also two weeks into this. And I too had a little scare with my scooter. I came down with full weight on my bad leg. I have my follow up in two days. Everything was going so well. Now I have a little tingling in that leg and some involuntary twitching in my calf muscle. No pain, just the tingling and twitching. The twitching might have been caused by my anxiousness. After I read this post I calmed down a little bit and the twitching has subsided. My concern is my cast is very loose already, and for some reason the ball of my foot near the toe is not and was not covered to prevent my toes from pushing up during an accidental slip. Is it not natural for the brain to try to plant that foot? Since this post made me feel much better, I will follow up after I see the doctor to let everyone know how it turned out. Perhaps this post will Allow others going through this similar life of purgatory to receive a little rest.

  9. I had my follow up yesterday. Not only was there no damage, but everything healed very nicely. I told the doctor about the slip and he was completely unconcerned. The stitches were not harmed, the wound healed nicely, and there was no swelling. While not the topic of discussion on this post, I was expecting that I would be immobilized in a boot without putting weight on my foot for a lot longer. But it so happens that the doc told me once I got my foot to go to 90° to start putting weight on it. So today I walked with my boot and elevated heels pretty much all day. It feels fantastic to be on the upswing. For those going through this ordeal, remember that everything after the surgery is positive progress. This too shall pass. And if you do it right you will be 100%. I am in the military. There are many that I know that will never be 100% again after injuries that they sustained. While that is comparing a negative with a less negative thought it truly is helpful to keep that in mind. For those going through this: stay positive and take it one day at a time. I still have some months until I return to normal activity, but the small victories are keeping me positive. Losing the scooter the peg leg and the crutches today was a great motivator.

  10. Surgery two weeks ago, currently in a soft cast. lost my balance and my foot hit the floor. Some tingling and a very little pain. I can still wiggle my toes and slightly move my ankle. I am in fear of a 2nd surgery. Currently have my leg propped up and ice being applied. Has any one else every had this happen?

  11. I did LV. It’s always good to get a hold of your doc in cases like this. Mine hurt like heck after I fell on it, but since the pain went away I wasn’t too concerned that I did anything serious.

  12. About 10 days in - been in a splint since surgery. Stitches not out yet. Been very diligent about not bearing weight on the injured foot. Today, went to get on the knee scooter and misjudged. Instinctively put my bad foot down to stop a fall, then fell back in the chair. Felt something that didn’t feel like pain but more like an electric shock. Sat down and the feeling went away after a few minutes, now just feels a bit tight. Going to see doc on Monday to check and make sure.

    Sounds like this has happened to plenty of people - anything I should stress about??

  13. TaylorD,

    I did the same thing while on the Knee Scooter. I was vacuuming out the car in the garage and went around the car to fast and down I went and extended my surgery leg out! Felt like this SHOCK going thru my body. I immediately went inside and iced it down. I was in my walking boot when it happened. I called my PCP (who is my best friend) and he came over to check me out and everything was OK.
    Smart to have the DR check it out just incase!

  14. Thanks everyone! Figured I’d check back here. Saw the doc today and all was well after the mishap. Put me in a big boot, stitches out on Thursday.
    Today, I was able to push back on the doc’s hands with more force than I’ve been able to since surgery. Felt good!m

  15. I’m two week post surgery and I was getting out of my car and lost balance. Naturally I attempted to use my injured foot to catch myself and put a good amount of weight on the injured foot. Felt like a shock in the area of the injury and I have a a lot of tightness in the bottom of my foot. It scared me quite a bit but reading these calmed me a little. I have my follow up in two days I’m hoping I didn’t do anything to ruin my progress.

  16. I had my hard cast taken off about a week, but it had an extreme sharp edge on it that went against my calf and had to come off, so i was put in a boot. A little over two weeks, i went out to start my truck and pressed on my clutch….bad move, but the pain went away pretty quickly. Since then i have had to put weight on my foot 2x, but only for a brief moment to keep from falling. Its has been a month since my peroneol surgery and i got my stitches out today. I’ve been religious about keeping it elevated for the entire month, the stitches were about to become a part of me. The DR told me “The only way we are going to know if any damage was done, will be after all of my rehab is done, but more then likely i am ok”. After reading your posts. I gotta say i feel A LOT better,and have hope!!Also nice to know i’m not traveling through this shit storm alone. LOL If my exterior stitches healed that fast..There’s a good chance my interior stitches held up ok. After all, more than 60% was un torn, so only 40% was repaired. I’m still a little numb and tingling on the top of my foot around my big toe, but hopefully that will go away in time. It took me FOREVER to find these posts, but i’m so glad i did! I hope ALL OF YOU have the best recovery possible, and thanks so much for sharing!!

  17. Slipped onto foot like the second day excruciating
    Pain better now have appt tomorrow so hoping for no
    damage in soft cast like splint

  18. 3 weeks post op, completely ruptured my Achilles. Been doing ok managing on one leg for a month now, but today I lost balance when getting from car to knee scooter and put weight on my recovering leg, talk about SHOCK to the system! Yikes! Sitting now with my leg elevated. I’m in a cast for another 3 weeks till I see the doc to get it off. This thread has really made me feel better about what happened and eased my fear of reinjuring my tendon. I’m a SHM with 3 kids so this injury has been really rough, but there is encouragement for me in threads like this, so thanks for taking the time to post!! Wishing everyone all the best and feeling 100% ASAP!

  19. Hi there first thanks for the posts. I had archilles tendon and calcanel exostectomy 2 weeks ago. Everything going well today I had stitches removed and hard cast out on. While trying to get into the house with crutches I fell on cement step forward the pain was excruciating! I’m more worried about damage to a foot that was healing so well. Right now 4 hrs later it still stings burns. I have it elevated. Hoping all is ok.

  20. I was 5 weeks post op after achilles debridement and reattachment - also had the gastrocnemius lengthening procedure. I fell while navigating up a small set of stairs on the front porch. I was still NWB but unfortunately my full weight came down on my bad foot. I experienced a complete rupture of the Achilles - and there was NO QUESTION about whether or not I had ruptured it. I knew immediately that I’d done so because I literally felt it pulling off the heel bone, and it literally sounded like someone tearing fabric in two. My surgeon has been doing this for 17 years and I was the first patient in his history to ever rupture after this type of surgery.

    So, I had surgery again two days later. I’m now 10 days post op from the second repair. Taking everything slow and steady to make sure I don’t hurt myself again.

    I wish everyone the best of luck. Take things slow and be extra careful in all things, even when it doesn’t seem necessary! Quick recoveries to us all!

  21. So sorry you had to have a 2nd surgery Heather! I was lucky when I fell doing a similar thing (one little step in the house, using crutches). I did put some weight on my surgery foot but the hard cast (well not a total cast but hard nevertheless) kept it from flexing. It still hurt like the dickens but there was no damage done. After that hubby banned me from crutches so I got good at maneuvering all over the house, up and down small steps and our staircase, on my knee scooter. :) I’m getting ready for the same surgery (heel spur removal) on my other foot in August. Can’t wait! My right foot feels so good now and my left foot hurts like heck when I play soccer (my main source of exercise).

  22. THANK YOU SO MUCH for these posts. I was google what just happens to me today and I found this. Reading this makes me feel better about what just happened. Today is 1 day after surgery… this just happened to me.. I was crutching from bathroom to bed and fell. Not an expert on crutches yet obviously. I didn’t land on the bad foot, I fell forward and tried to catch myself on a table with my hands but the bad foot came down anyway as I fell forward , and sort landing on on the ball of that foot. I’m worried I stepped forward and pulled On the tendon. It happens so fast I’m honestly not sure if I landed flat footed or stepped Forwards. But It hurt really bad for a few minutes but I popped a pain pill. I’m a little worried I did some damage or worse re-tore the Achilles. Again the surgery is like 36 Hours ago. Should I worry?

  23. Had full tear of Achilles. Just a day or so after 2 weeks, caught the curb of one step on the scooter, instinctively forced injured side down to catch myself (probably instinct to protect my head from hitting ground). I fell forward and tumbled over, feeling a rip and shock feeling. It’s more swollen now, but initial pain went down, except for my lower, inner Achilles area that originally hurt the most. I spoke with the doctor by phone, as my Splint is looser due to calf atrophy. Despite my description, he said there’s a low chance of a re-rerupture, but to have me come in Monday (2 days later). I’ve been in a mental whirlwind since it happened, and hoping I’m ok. So far every thread but one makes me feel mentally better. Wish me the best!

  24. *re-rupture (not re-rerupture). Will let you know more on Monday!

  25. It’s torn. Surgery again.

  26. Yikes! Time to get your own blog page setup BMan. Sorry you have to start over again on the recovery road.

  27. What a relief to read these posts! Two weeks after surgery and just had the experience of falling off my scooter and intstictively trying to stop myself by putting out my bad foot. Full weight on foot before falling to the ground. It still hurts like hell 30 minutes later….. have it elevated and have taken pain meds. I’d love to ice it, but the current semi-soft cast is too thick to have ice do any good. I go to dr Tuesday to get staples out and get a hard cast…..hopefully, mine will turn out as well as most of the others!

  28. Taydra - I’m surprised the folks who put your cast on didn’t tell you how to ice. Put ice behind the knee. That cools the blood going to the foot. Hopefully the foot is OK! And you can setup your own blog if you want to share your journey with us and those who follow. :)

  29. Glad to find these posts. I’m 4.5 weeks post op and slipped on my crutches tonite. I put what felt like my full weight on my injured leg. No pain, but a severe stretching feeling. Still feel some dull aching, so i called my doc and am awaiting a response. Fingers crossed hoping it’s not re-ruptured.

  30. Torn my Achilles and I was exactly 1 week of surgery and still in my soft cast and was at the movie theater watching Avengers The End Game when it got to the last part with all the action were going on and I was in need to use the rest room, I was sitting up two levels as i was a bit hasty as I was crunching down I trip over the stairs and landed on my bad foot I felt pain admittedly through my foot almost as when I first injured it and felt pain on my Achille, muscle was tweaking a bit, felt pinch all around my bad leg like I took pre-workout C4, that night I went to bed and I felt as my leg was burning and muscle tweaking leg tinkling all night. I was 5 days way to get into my hard cast so I didn’t contact the Doc and wait and stress it out was my descion, did a bunch of research and drove me even more crazy. Turns out that my foot was fine Doc checked it throughly and it was in good condition. All I have to say is dont be stress and stop researching things you dont want to read or hear because all you’re doing is ruining your days to come. Think positive you’ll be fine I turned out ok. Call you Doc if your worry. I would like to thank you all for writing and hope everyone a quick recovery.

  31. I fractured my heel on 3/23/19 calcaneus . Had surgery on 4-9 pain has been bad nwb so so I’m in a hard boot. I also purchased a sleep/ relaxation boot when I’m relaxing on sofa . I went to close window so I’m hopping over very short distance while bracing myself on furniture on my way back went to sit down and put all my weight On injured foot omg . Didn’t hurt just felt different I have not have weight on foot for over 2 months. I called doctors office was told if additional pain or swelling to come in I’m praying there is no additional harm can’t handle any more surgery. I was told not to worry and I had recently been give permission to apply weight to heel of foot but no walking .

  32. I ruptured my achilles about 3 weeks ago, had my surgery a week ago, nwb. Everything was going great until i slipped off my scooter while making a turn. Landed on my toes of the injured foot and felt a pain throughout my leg. Pain lasted about 30 seconds. Called the doctor and he told he thinks i am fine but i am stressing the hell out. I have my 2 weeks follow-up in a week. Just praying nothing I haven’t re-ruptured it, I would be devastated if this was the case. It had already taken a lot of out of me the last 3 weeks, don’t know if i will be able to prolong that.. Pray for me.

  33. Hey Serge that was a tough moment let us know if everything is fine.
    Mine was a full rupture of 2 inches (10cm) I went to work on it for 2 weeks. Truck driver
    I had my Surgery on June 5th by the 8th I had a scooter and started to get around the house.
    I know I’m pushing things everyday even though I have the fear of a new rupture like the
    rest of us. Just cant lay down like an invalid. I see my Dr. on the 13th looking forward to what
    he says since each day I have pushed things even more.
    So how does the tendon feel today?

  34. Hi Serge you will be fine. I had my surgery and am in splint, friend accidentally hit my toes when giving me a pillow and I felt pain through my lower leg for a few seconds called my mother who has had this surgery before and said should be fine, after all, if our toes were a major issue they would have them covered and not let them stick out.
    don’t stress

  35. Had Kidner procedure 2 plus weeks ago to remove accessory navicular bone and reattach tendon. Went well; had a new cast out on yesterday. Last night the back wheel of my scooter caught on door moulding, tipped and I put my entire weight on my casted leg. Excruciatingly painful. Throbbing and sore today. The dr. said to use pain meds and contact him in a few days. Read the ice behind the knee advice in this thread and wanted to say thanks for that.

  36. I am 2 weeks out of surgery and I fell because of my scooter tipped over. I felt what felt like tearing at my ankle and I was in tremendous pain. I took pain medications and anti-inflammatories and the next day I woke up and I’m not nearly and any kind of pain. I know I have to go to the doctor but if I ruptured my achilles I should be in a lot of pain today right?

  37. I am a week in post surgery and I am in a splint. I was getting out of bed and accidentally slid and put some weight on my foot. It felt weird it didn’t hurt, I don’t think i stepped on it hard enough to do damage. But I know a lot of people fall and slip during the during the nwb stage! Right now my achilles is in no pain

  38. Should I be worried?

  39. I too can say I fall into this category. I’m a few days short of 6 weeks post op and 3 days ago I planted on my bad foot. I was wearing boot but it felt like a bur i g sensation from mid Achilles on up. Like I was pushing a muscle stretch too far. It was painful. I am scared I may have torn my repaired tendon. I still have movements up and down, side to side. Noticed a small bump off to the side of my tendon by the incision. That area is tender. When I massage that bump it seems to go away but appears after a while again. Been running my fingers up and down the tendon and it feels to me, intact.
    Thoughts anyone? Should I be worried??

  40. Rick, I bet you will be just fine. Sounds like you and I are about on the same timeline as I will be 6 weeks post op this Friday. I had a similar scare like yours earlier on where it felt like a muscle stretch gone a bit too far. It was painful when it happened, but no pain after that. I asked my doc about it and he said everything looked good and that it would be difficult to re-rupture with the boot (or in my case it was the splint) on. I’ve also heard that if you re-rupture, you would hear and feel that snap again just like what happened during your original rupture. I didn’t hear/feel anything, and sounds like you didn’t either, so I bet it’s just a little scare. Are you not yet FWB in your boot? I have been since week 4 and it seems to be going well so far.
    Good luck!

  41. Paul, I am still NWB. Mine was a complete rupture. I had them take a pic and it looked like shredded pork in there. Lol. I have pretty good range of motion. Obviously sore. I have my appt on Thursday. I just don’t see myself being blue to put weight on. Unless they say it’s more of a deal with the pain and slowly work it type deal. I’ll do what they tell me but it’s such a slow process. I was told a minimum of 56 days NWB. My last appointment all they would let me do was ankle pumps and push the foot up just enough to where it was a little uncomfortable. My leg is so small. Haha. It’s going to be a long few months.
    How was it the first time you stepped on it? Tingly, sore, pain?

  42. Rob I think you are fine. Happy healing!

  43. Rick, I also had a complete rupture and the doc told me it was shredded too. He said he tried the suture kit to start, but it didn’t hold, so he made another incision and sewed it up ‘old school’, whatever that means. He said he could have pulled me off the operating table by my foot and it wouldn’t have come apart. I guess I’ve just been really fortunate because I had very little swelling and really no pain to speak of. I started full boot walking (FWB) at 4 1/2 weeks and have not experienced any pain at all when I boot walk. OF course i was very careful in the beginning, but now i’m walking pretty well in it (I’m almost at 6 weeks post op now). My calf is really atrophied. I do some very light massaging like you and that is a little bit uncomfy, but i don’t push that at all. It seems there is just a huge spectrum of postop treatment out there, some docs more conservative than others, but each case is different too so in the end, I always follow my doc’s advice. Wishing you all the best. Let me know how your Thursday appt goes.

  44. Rob, I agree with Rick - lots of people experience a little slip during that period and it’s scary to think you might have screwed up (I had the same experience). But more than likely, you’re just fine. Good luck!

  45. Wow… this is the blog I’ve been looking for. Thanks to all of those who have posted the messages on their experiences and outcomes! It’s an incredible source of reassurance. For background, I fully ruptured my Achilles’ tendon in the first week of August and had surgery roughly a week later. Regarding the concerns that have been expressed about accidentally putting weight on the affected leg during NWB — I did the exact same thing myself last week, twice in one day. The first time I had a crutch get caught up in a loose extension cord while at work. Then later that day one of my crutches slipped out from under me on some slippery concrete in an underground garage, and I put weight on the injured foot again. In both cases I experienced the same electric tingle that has been described in previous posts, though not much pain. I’m slated for my next doc’s appointment in a couple weeks, but may try to get in earlier so they can take a look to see whether I have done any damage. The tendon still appears to be intact, though I do have what appears to be a marble-sized knot on the tendon right below the bottom of the surgical incision. Still, reading the experiences and responses here may help me to just take a deep breath and calm down. I had no idea the fear of re-rupture would consume my thoughts like it has. Just gonna keep hobbling toward that light at the end of the tunnel.

  46. Update. I was assured by my doc that what I did is very common, and by the looks of it on this thread and from him happens to just about all of us. I’m now 8 weeks out and able to walk in a boot unassisted. I have been lightly limping around the house with extreme caution without it through out my day. Still very tight. And the upper part of calf is hard to the touch. Been massaging it through out the day and seems to help.
    Has anyone else during this time frame experienced and like sharp pains now and then? It’s not constant. I have been running my fingers up and down the tendon and it feels fine. It’s just a really weird feeling.
    I talked to another friend who did the same thing a few years ago and he was walking and back to work during the 7-8 week marK. Which was kinda frustrating and surprising. They have not put me in any PT yet either. All he told me was in 2-1/2 weeks he wanted to see me walking into my appointment, in my boot of course and then possibly get rid of the boot all together a couple weeks after that.
    My concern now is how stiff it is and the certain sensations I get back there. No swelling unless I’m on my feet for a long period of time.

  47. Rick, nice to have you and LeahMichelle to compare notes with since we’re all going through it about the same time. Today marks 8 weeks since my surgery. I’ve been walking in a boot for the past 4 weeks and have gotten pretty good at it. I do a couple miles a day around a nearby park, and generally live my life normally through the day except for no biking/hiking/motorcycle stuff. I’ve been too chicken to walk even a step without the boot on as i’ve read so many times that this is sorta when people re-rupture if it’s going to happen. I used to get those weird quick shoots of pain down there, but can’t say it’s happened recently. Might be that you’re testing your Achille’s more than i am though. I see my doc on Monday and believe he will let me take one of the two heel lifts out of the boot then. I’m also going to ask to start PT, even though the doc doesn’t really think it’s needed. Good luck!

  48. Paul,
    Keep me informed of your progress and what the doc says about PT. I see your point about walking without the boot this far out. I do risk by doing it and I probably should just put it on when doing any waking. Do not want to go backwards at this point.

  49. Rick, The doc removed one of the two heel lifts in my boot today so i’m getting a bit of a stretch now. He said I could remove the 2nd one in another two weeks if it all feels good. I asked about PT and he said it was too soon for me just yet. When I pressed him on it, he said that my particular tear was in a bad place and he wanted to go extra slow with it. He did confirm that if the tear had been in a ‘better place’, he would’ve been fine with PT now. (During surgery. the first try at sewing it up using the suture implant kit failed, so he had to make another incision and sew it up “old school”). I guess my tear was up in the muscle where it was all sorta shredded. So, for now, no extra stretching, no walking in a pool, etc. The doc just wants me to walk in the boot. I’m good with that. I feel like he had good answers to my questions. Let me know how it goes with you.

  50. At this point in the game for us, any little good news and steps forward are a victory. Just being able to walk without assistance was a great feeling. My tear was just above my ankle, roughly in the middle. Interesting how it differs. I’ve been without wedges for about 4 weeks. It is a weird feeling. For me the tingling in my big toe, heel and middle front pad of foot has subsided. I’ve been using a racket ball to roll out the bottom of my foot and help to stretch the tendon a little.
    Good luck with your progress!

  51. Appointment today. Got the ok to ween off the boot and start doing heel lifts, bike ride and wear two shoes but still avoid sudden movements. It was a really weird feeling putting a shoe on that foot today. Feels like it’s getting stronger day to day. They didn’t put me on any type of rehab or did they give me any exercises to do.

  52. Hey Rick, congrats on weening off the boot. I started that yesterday and loving it, although my Achille’s is really tight so it’s challenging. I pressed my doc for a PT referral which he did, and first PT session is this Friday. I’m curious to hear how your walking is now versus when you just started. I’m hoping I see some quick improvement!

  53. This is bringing me hope. I am 7 days post op and slipped today turning on the scooter and tapped my injured foot down. About 25% pressure went on the injured foot but I have been freaking out all day. Just felt a tingling and a little pressure- no real pain but have been worried I messed it up.

  54. Had detach reattach surgery today am in splint & slipped with scooter. Of course instinctively caught myself for a split second on post op foot. Feeling throbbing pain but can move toes etc. what danger signs should I look for? Seems ok but don’t want to compromise healing.

  55. Paul, I’m in the same boat as you. I you’re mine October 18, and the year was right in the muscle. The repair went well, but my fox wants me to take it slow and allow that tendon to stay nice and tight for longer than the normal protocol. I am five weeks post op, and have had a couple of incidents with the knee scooter. The first one allowed me to discover this forum. I saw the Dr and everything was / is still ok. I’m in the boot during the day and normally have to sleep in a splint, but have not been the past few nights. This morning I woke up and forgot that the splint was of and put weight on the ankle. The tingly sensation reminded me that I wasn’t ready so I ended up sitting back down. My concern isn’t a tear, but rather being scared to have stretched the tendon.

    In my case the doctor clearly said that if the tissues around the suture get too loose, i will never recover full strength. Talk about a scary proposition.

  56. Just curious anyone who re-ruptured your Achilles did you feel lots of pain afterwards? I fell off my knee scooter tonight and put all my 220lbs to catch myself and felt some good pain at the time but now an hour or two later I don’t feel any pain just wondering some symptoms of a re-rupture.

  57. Two days later and had a second scooter fall with full weight down on my bad leg. Felt a ton of pain but no ripping feeling; more like a tough pull from my calf to my Achilles. 9 hours later and I still have pain in my leg. I’m in a half hard cast and the on call doctor pretty much told me 90% it’s fine but still a chance I messed it up. Worried I reruptured now and am debating moving my check up to Monday to give me peace of mind.

  58. Hey Meg and Michael, lots of us have had little scares like that - I remember mine very well. I’m 6′4″ and 225 pounds and put all my weight down early on. It turned out fine and I’m guessing yours will too. There’s a lot of angst that goes into this healing process, but keep hanging in there - there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! I’m about 7 weeks out of the boot now, and able to walk 2-3 miles without stopping. Still need some strengthening, but life is almost back to normal now other than not yet back into sports. It’ll come - keep the faith!

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  60. I am 11 days post op (tore Achilles playing soccer), and have an appointment with my Doc tomorrow to assess healing of stitches so that I can be moved into a moon boot with heel lifts.
    Currently have a splint on.
    My healing was going well and I managed to not put any pressure on the affected leg until today.
    Was moving around the house with my crutches, and one of my crutches gave way after I placed it on a piece of material that was lying on the floor tiles.
    I instinctively kept balance by pushing off the foot of my injured leg.
    Felt a whole lot of pain and burning. Thought that I re ruptured the tendon.
    Its a few hours later now and there is still some throbbing on the Achilles.
    Will find out the extent of damage from the doc tomorrow…

  61. Good luck Muhammed. More than likely you will be just fine, but your doctor will be able to tell you for sure. Let us know how it goes.

  62. Thank you for the words of support @ paul1.

    Doc said that everything was fine, and that healing was going well,
    Started physio yesterday after being put into the aircast moon boot.
    Physio has given me some low pressure exercises to do daily and is encouraging me to put around 10% of pressure on the injured leg, when I walk. Feels like I can out a bit more than that at the moment, but dont want to get ahead of myself and get injured further.
    Today is exactly 2 weeks since the surgery and I feel that a lot of progress has been made.

    I think that my advise to anyone that is recovering, is to really take it easy and rest the leg as best as you can for the 2 weeks post op.
    I’m lucky as I have a lot of support at home.

    Best of luck to everyone who is going through this.

  63. Great to hear you’re doing well, Muhammed. I fould that keeping the leg elevated and using ice periodically also really helped keep the swelling down over the first several weeks. Good luck

  64. @paul. I’m at 5 months , 3 days now and waking with a slight limp now. Still very weak. Finally starting to gain strength and am I put about 80% weight on injured leg while doing leg raises. Still very stiff which is what concerns me but I am only five months out too. Wednesday will be my 3rd PT appointment. Been doing the double and assisted single heel lifts, balancing on my bad foot passing a weight left to right and try to remain balanced for 30 seconds or more. Light stretching and so on. He did use a flat stone with muscle cream and worked the tendon and scar tissue. That one hurt a little. It did feel much better afterwards. I guess I figured there will be some pain and aches along this recovery.
    As for y’all that have slipped or taken a step on your foot. It happens as we all have stated. Scary. Yes. Lol. As long as you have that boot on your good to go. Happy healing!!

  65. Hi all,
    Trying to make myself feel better. I’m about 6 weeks post op, (not good with the medical terms)
    Repaired posterior Tibial tendon and 3 torn ligaments. Heel shifting, bond grafting, plates and screws. Live up north where I was holed up. Came down south for the holidays, my kids got scooters for Xmas so Jackass me was outside with them and scooting alongside. Going faster than I should have, tripped, landed HARD on the air cast. Definitely felt that SHOCK. slight burn and throb. No pain. However everything feels a bit “looser” .. just not as stiff as before.
    Will be calling the doctor when we get back home. Was supposed to see him 1/17 to hopefully begin PT and PWB. I know it’s my fault and I aaa being stupid, just wondering if anyone else had similar surgery and experience. Thanks. Merry Christmas

  66. Well I am adding to the list of people doing more than we should a week out of the repair and anchors put in. All was great, pain subsiding seven days out and my knee scooter caught the edge of a rug in the kitchen and down goes Frazier! Full blow absorbed on my repaired foot, hurt pretty bad tingling and throbbing on the interior and posterior heal. Woke up medicated and felt much better and then coming out of a quick stop at a gas station the next afternoon lost it coming down a curb on the scooter and it hurt much worse this time around than the first. I go to the Doc in two days so I’ll update everyone whose reading this one way or the other to provide some feedback then. I appreciate everyone sharing however as it makes me feel a little better to read that I was not the only one pressing a little to much and took the plunge not LOL. My gut says that I would know if I ruptured it and I don’t think I did but based off of what I have read here it’s probably 75 plus percent fine, I however often times find myself as many of us do on the wrong end of the percentages :) Happy holidays to all reading this, I pray that each of you has a fast and complete recovery! Armor always on!

  67. I completely ruptured the Archilles tendon in my left foot. Am now 4 weeks post surgery. I was in a splint for 2 weeks, then a hard cast. In a couple of days I will go back to the doctor to get another hard cast. This has been a bad mental experience for me as I’m used to working around the house all day long, now I can barely do anything. I purchased a knee scooter which
    is a lifesaver as I am a complete walking disaster on crutches. The hardest part for me is getting in/out of a walk in shower. I have a horrible fear of falling due to the fact that I’ve had 3 falls since surgery. Need to realize that I’m not Wonder Woman and sit still. I will be ready to celebrate when the healing process is finished in a few months. I realize it takes time but I can hardly stand sitting still and not doing anything. I retired 2 years ago and have been remodeling our house so looking forward to the day I can continue. Best of luck to all who have dealt with is type of surgery. This site was much more helpful to me than any others.

  68. I completely ruptured the Archilles tendon in my left foot. Am now 4 weeks post surgery. I was in a splint for 2 weeks, then a hard cast. In a couple of days I will go back to the doctor to get another hard cast. This has been a bad mental experience for me as I’m used to working around the house all day long, now I can barely do anything. I purchased a knee scooter which
    is a lifesaver as I am a complete walking disaster on crutches. The hardest part for me is getting in/out of a walk in shower. I have a horrible fear of falling due to the fact that I’ve had 3 falls since surgery. Need to realize that I’m not Wonder Woman and sit still. I will be ready to celebrate when the healing process is finished in a few months. I realize it takes time but I can hardly stand sitting still and not doing anything. I retired 2 years ago and have been remodeling our house so looking forward to the day I can continue. Best of luck to all who have dealt with is type of surgery. This site was much more helpful to me than any others.

  69. I completely ruptured the Archilles tendon in my left foot. Am now 4 weeks post surgery. I was in a splint for 2 weeks, then a hard cast. In a couple of days I will go back to the doctor to get another hard cast. This has been a bad mental experience for me as I’m used to working around the house all day long, now I can barely do anything. I purchased a knee scooter which
    is a lifesaver as I am a complete walking disaster on crutches. The hardest part for me is getting in/out of a walk in shower. I have a horrible fear of falling due to the fact that I’ve had 3 falls since surgery. Need to realize that I’m not Wonder Woman and sit still. I will be ready to celebrate when the healing process is finished in a few months. I realize it takes time but I can hardly stand sitting still and not doing anything. I retired 2 years ago and have been remodeling our house so looking forward to the day I can continue. Best of luck to all who have dealt with is type of surgery. This site was much more helpful to me than any others.

  70. @Sandy53

    Good luck on your recovery,

    I am 20 weeks post op on a full Achilles tear as well.
    I can definitely second that this site is really helpful.
    I think that reading the experiences of others helps give you the mental strength required to continue after this injury.

    My advice is (and i’m sure you have heard this a million times already) not to rush anything.
    If you feel you can’t do something then don’t try doing it, or at least ask for help.
    Don’t risk re-rupturing your tendon.

    What helped me a lot , was accepting that I had this injury, and blocking out the thoughts in my mind telling me that I would have been doing this or that if I didn’t have this injury.
    This allowed me to focus and celebrate my mini achievements through the healing process (rom, going partial to full weight bearing, to walking etc)

    You will get through this like so many others before you. We all heal at our own pace.
    May God grant you a swift recovery.

    All the best

  71. Im on my 5 days post surgery, when my crutches slipped i accidenttaly put my cast non weight bearing on floor as part of my reflect, im so shocked but thank god i found this forum, open stitches schedule still away on aug 6th so finger crossed x
    Stay positive everyone

  72. Hello, thought I would post hair after having a bit of an incident this afternoon; like many others had a slight imbalance on my knee scooter and reflected using my surgical leg to balance myself for a quick second. Felt a sharp pain for a few min and then it settled in; now mostly feeling light throbbing pain.

    Had surgery back on July 23, and I’m scheduled to have my hard cast removed this Thursday August 6.

    A bit worried, and wondering if I should call the doc or wait a few day till the 6th. Bit freaked to say the least…hate to have 2-3 week set back.

  73. Add me to the slip list. I am 3 weeks 2 days post op for achilles debridement and calcaneal exostomy (sorry for the spelling). Was multitasking on my scooter and lost my center of balance and fell forward. Placed some weight on my toes (and jammed my good shin against a bar on the scooter - that hurt the most).

    I have a little throbbing at the incision site right now, but I assume the pain will be less in the morning. I heard no popping or tearing and no severe pain. I am in a fiberglass cast and can move the ankle with no pain a little within in and can wiggle my toes. If there is still pain/throbbing in the morning I’ll call the Dr as I don’t go back for 19 days. I appreciate all the stories on this page. Thank you all.


  74. UPDATE: Called the Drs. office. He said 9 times out of 10 if you are still in a cast it isn’t an issue, but to let them know if any pain hits at insertion point. I am more cognizant of the incision point than before, but no real pain. Hopefully dodged a bullet. It didn’t keep me up last night so I assume it is nothing.

  75. I had a similar scare last night while getting out of the shower. I was holding on to the towel bar for support getting out of the shower until it completely broke and naturally I put full weight on my surgically repaired Achilles. I am only 10 days post op and still in my splint. It hurt really bad for the rest of the night but I took some pain killers and managed to get some sleep. I woke up today feeling much better with almost no pain. I am very scared that I did damage to the repaired Achilles. It would be a nightmare if I re-ruptured the Achilles tendon and needed surgery again. I am going in tomorrow to have my sutures removed. I’ve been researching this issue like crazy. I am happy I was able to read the stories on this page.

  76. I’m really thankful I found this blog. I have two really shallow stairs that lead up to a larger staircase on the right that takes me upstairs. For the past three weeks, I usually navigate those shallow stairs with crutches, and then flip around to go up the stairs on my bum. Well, two days ago the base of my crutches caught the lip of the shallow stairs and I fell forward towards towards and put my full weight on the NWB side.

    I tell you, it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Shooting pains, and I definitely felt something tear as my foot was absorbing the shock. After many tears and painkillers later, I was sure I reruptured my achilles.

    Well, the good news is that I saw my surgeon today, and although I’m a bit banged up and bruised, my protective boot did it’s job and saved me from rerupturing my achilles. When I asked about the tears or “ripping” feeling in my leg, he mentioned there’s a good chance I overstretched my calf muscles as they’re so tight. He felt the back of my leg for continuity (looking for gaps) in the achilles and thankfully he found none. He also tested my ability to resist upward pressure on the foot, and because there was some, he was fairly confident that I was fine.

    I’m sore as heck, but I’m so, so happy I don’t have to do another surgery. DON’T USE YOUR CRUTCHES TO GO UP STAIRS - no matter how puny they look.

    Good luck everyone in your recovery.

  77. Thankful for this blog. Today marks a week and 2 days since my surgery (full rupture). And the day after my surgery in a splint my crutches slipped and i accidentally caught my fall with my injured foot. I had a sharp pain for about 30 seconds, but the shock from being worried about a re-rupture was worse. Im still nervous as of today as my 2 week follow up is on the 17th. Hopefully i didn’t damage my tendon or wound.

  78. Hi Lorenzo,

    How did it turn out ? Hoping for the best for you

    I’m 8 days post op and fell off my knee scooter today. I felt something that I could describe as a stretching or a ripping feeling, and now I have some pain in the incision area. Freaking out thinking I re re-reptured or harmed it in anyway. I feel very dumb

  79. I am on day 14 after surgery. 90% tear at the top at the muscle playing tennis. But I blame a recent spurt in running. I hate running even more now. Four days ago, I lost my balance off my scooter and touched down on my toes. No pain, but freaked out. Two days ago, I did it again. Went in today to switch off my splint to a cast. No damage. Grateful. Will be far more careful from now on. Long game.

  80. Thank you all for your posts. They have been very reassuring and I would still be panicking if I had not found this page. I had a full ruptured Achilles Tendon that was operated on about 3 weeks ago. I was first in a cast for 2 weeks and have now been in a moon boot for 1 week, still on crutches NWB. Last night one of my crutches slipped out from under me and I naturally landed on the injured leg, putting weight on the front of the boot under the toes. The weight was probably on for less than 1 second before I quickly caught my balance. There was immediate pain and tightness as if I had over extended the Achilles and I immediately sat down and raised the leg up. The pain was ongoing for a couple of hours but it was no where near the pain of the initial rupture or the few days after surgery. Managed to sleep it off and this morning there is just a dull throbbing. I was so upset as I had been so careful to not put any weight on the leg before, and my doctor was very clear when he said to be very careful of not putting weight or bending the foot. I see the doctor in 2 days to get stitches removed and so for now I am just waiting it out until then. Praying I have not damaged the recovery process, the worried half of my mind is certainly giving me anxiety but the logical side is telling me that it will all be fine and that it is normal to have a couple of scares like this based on everyone’s posts. I guess the casts and boots are made with the fact in mind that the odds are most people will slip or fall at least once over the long recovery process. Hopefully it’s done it’s job in protecting me. Thanks again, wish me luck.

  81. Good Luck Rich and Natasha,

    At my follow up to get my sutures removed, the doc checked everything out and all was fine. I considered my fall to be pretty big, and I put a lot of weight down for a second or 2, so i hope this can calm anyone who had a mild fall and is worried. Its always best to talk to your doc to know for sure, but the surgery definitely ties that tendon together tightly. I’m now onto dealing with my surgical wound, and making sure it heals correctly, so wish me luck on that!

    good luck to all

  82. Brain thank you. I’m really worried I’m on my 3rd week and I slipped from the scooter and put my weight for a second or two on my foot. I’m currently in a lot of pain and really worried! I have my follow up in 4 days. Praying that I didn’t mess it up

  83. Sam,

    I wouldn’t worry. I actually had another fall yesterday believe it or not. Accidents, trips and slips happen. It’s beyond frustrating, but what I’m realizing after speaking with my doctor and reading posts here is that the boots, casts or splints do a good job of protected the Achilles. The pain is most likely a result of muscles that haven’t been used in a while taking weight, you know? My first fall was off my scooter, and my second was going down the stairs with crutches (ended up just falling on my back , thankfully didn’t tumble down The stairs lol) it’s very scary at first, but it happens to everyone. My doctor also said that she’s only ever had 1 re rupture patient, and they were walking, full weight bearing, with a splint on. It’s always best to check with your doctor, but I wouldn’t worry yourself too much.

  84. Hey Brian i posted last month on September 13th. Finally getting back to you, i have been going to physical therapy and check ups. Im still in my boot on the last wedge which comes out next week and I’ll be completely flat foot in the boot. 2 weeks from that i will be BOOT FREE. My incision/surgery site has healed fully, i have little to no scar tissue. And my foot is not almost completely motioning

  85. I am going through this as well but my doctor did say i can put as much as i tolerate, but i am so worried because i am overweight. I was recommended to only put 25% of my weight on it and to not to walk on it yet , as my physical therapy should begin next week . This is the third month of my recovery after two operations on my ankle. What happened is that i was getting out of the bathroom and i lost balance and i accidentally put weight on my injured leg , i did hear something but not on my operated area but on my foot , i did not feel pain at the time as i quickly picked it up but it was really stiff . I dont know how manu weight i did put , afterwards it felt uncomfortable but not in constant pain I am really worried that i have done any damage.

  86. Wow, reading these posts have given me a big sigh of relief. I am 12 days post op and I was getting up from a chair, lost my balance and put my full weight on the injured leg. I must have only put weight on the leg for about 1 second before I caught my balance, but I felt a sharp pain in the Achilles area and lower calf. After, I had a throbbing pain in my lower calf that lasted about 20 minutes. I was pretty scared so I did what most people do and googled this type of incident. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this forum because I thought that I had really messed up when in fact this is a very common incident. I have my 2 week post op appointment with my doctor in 2 days and will explain what happened to my doctor. Hopefully I didn’t re injure my Achilles. Just gonna take it one day at a time, but I can’t wait to start walking again lol. Good luck to everyone on this road to recovery!

  87. My wife is about 20 hours post Achilles bone spur surgery and I am terrified. We are elderly and a little overweight. As such, doing complete nwb feels impossible. She has difficulty getting out of chairs and cannot hop when using crutches. I am now using a transport chair to move her to the toilet to minimize how much crutches or walker use she has to do. She hasn’t had any of the types of fall or dramatic slips described by many on this blog. But as a caretaker who works from home and helps every time she has to get up, I am so frightened and have no idea what to do. Is nwb the ideal but will the cast provide enough protection with the type of incidental partial weight bearing that is happening now. Any input will be helpful. I’m going to try to convince her to call the doctor today. She thinks I’m overreacting.

  88. Hi all.. Looking for some feedback/advice. I had a full Achilles tendon rupture, I am now 2 weeks 5 days post op. My doctor removed my cast 7 days ago now, and gave me a boot but advised me to not put ANY weight on it. Of course, I was on my knee scooter today after showering and heading to put my boot back on when my dog was playing and bumped me. I stupidly put my NWB foot down, NO BOOT, just bare foot to the floor putting weight down on it. I felt a pop (but it wasn’t the same snap that I felt when I initially ruptured my achilles) I didn’t feel the punch in the calf that I felt initially either. Just a pop towards the bottom of my ankle/incision. I felt pain immediately, it was a HORRIBLE stabbing burning pain. My skin towards the bottom of my incision was softer due to getting it wet in the shower, and when I looked it was bleeding. The pain went away about 30 minutes later, but my incision was bleeding a little still. I am still able to move my foot and toes, but it is limited like it was before I fell. I can’t pull my foot too far back towards my body which makes me think that I still have everything is tact from my surgery? I was just hoping that the pop feeling I felt was my incision and maybe part of a stitch? Anyone had a similar experience that can give me some hope or I guess let me know if you all think I ripped it out all over again?

  89. Hey all, I figured I’d add to this thread as well. I am 12 days post op and just had a pretty scary fall. I had just stood up to open my window and on my way back to my chair I tripped of my bag. I ended up putting all my weight on my ankle. I had a ligament reconstruction surgery, so everything is supposed to be tight. I was still in a soft cast, and my ankle definitely moved forward a lot. I am scared that I loosened all my ligaments and will need surgery again. Like you all, I had instant shock, but it’s since went away. I do have a little tingle in my toes which is scaring me. Let me know if any of y’all have had similar feelings and your results

  90. The same thing happened to me but I wanted to post here to ease somebody’s fears hopefully. 10 days post surgery after a complete rupture. I was hopping from my scooter to a chair when I tripped and instintively put down my NWB foot to catch myself. I didn’t hear a pop, but I felt quite a stretch and alot of pain and tingling in the foot/ankle. New bleeding occured. Went to the doctor afterward and luckily did not tear the tendon again, but pulled on the stitches a bit. I’m a really big person (300+) and put all my weight on it and still did not tear it. Hopefully that eases someone’s anxiety a bit.

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