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Good PT visit today.  I was wondering if PT would be helpful or just kinda, I don’t know, I thought they might only supervise what I could do on my own.  Well, I would recommend PT to anyone going through a recovery.  Definitelymore then just supervising.  They give me very good instruction and massaged and really loosened that tendon!  Huge help.  In the last 24 hrs. I’ve gone from 20 degrees to neutral!  it feels good!  Still told to be NWB for another 12 days or so.  I do some PWB to stabilize myself, roll the boot while I’m walking.  This really helps and got the green light from the surgeon and PT to continue this. But both said not to do too much more than that.  I really was pushing for a more aggressive protocol, but I have to sa,  it seems like I’ve come so far already!  It feels great to be at neutral and sole contact definitely makes using crutches so much easier.  The last week has been really huge.  The breaking up of scar tissue, balancing with the boot and crutches and getting to neutral.  The incision is healing nicely!  Walking without crutches is getting closer!

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  1. Awesome —Slow and steady wins the race. i think I’m talking to myself…

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