Two shoes and an ankle brace

I’m about 16 weeks post surgery at this point and have been cleared to begin more vigorous PT and strengthening exercises. I have a lace-up ankle brace that I’m wearing with two shoes and I’ve been weaning myself off the brace slowly and spend about 3-4 hours each day without it. I still need it to walk long distances at work but my strength is returning slowly and i should be ditching it in a week or two. Even tough I’m doing moderate stationary cycling and some heel raises and body-weight squats, I would not dare attempt any running or jumping. Slow and steady!

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  1. Does the ankle brace bother your incision sight at all?

  2. Yes the brace did rub the incision. I took it off when sitting at work. At this point I am 100% out of the brace and even soft socks bother the incision. I’m using coconut oil at night to hopefully soften the scar.

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