Just interested in how long people are waiting until driving again.  I am a Non OP ATR but am interested in both cases

Also worth adding which leg and also which country for obvious reasons

I injured my left leg and from the UK so it is my clutch foot

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Just gone into my fifth week now and had 1 week back at work.  I went down the non op route and am 100% glad I made this decision.

However,  I have had very little direction from the hospital on what to do other than back to the hospital in 4 weeks. I have to say I am an active person having 4 sporty children and also run football teams myself so am constantly out and about. In the house I tend to leave the crutches on the side because a) a getting around house is not easy and b) to try and strengthen but when i leave the house am constantly using the crutches.

I would like some guidance at 5 weeks whether i should be using the crutches less and trying to go out without them or whether i should be continueing to use them.

I am still having pains around the ankle area although not normally to much at the achilles site bizarely but would appreciate some help on what people have been told in the past or from experience have done themselves

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Well 4 weeks and 4 days after the initial injury I’m feeling fed up and looking for words of encouragement.


Im a 36 year old active male in the UK. Was playing football as I do every Sunday when I heard a large crack and turned to abuse the man behind me who I thought had kicked me to find no one there. At that point I knew I was in trouble


Visiting the Fracture Clinic the next morning they confirmed a Ruptured Achilles and said I had 2 options the Operation or the boot. I explained I went to the gym every day and played football but they still suggested the non surgical route, so as they are the experts took their advice


Having played football / soccer for 26 years with no real injuries I was so naive about my pain and recovery expectations and called my boss telling him the bad new by indicating I expected to be back at work, with crutches, over the next few days. How little I knew, My Aircast boot was wedged up but I was given little direction on what should happen next so I tried to walk out, nearly falling flat on my face and realising this might take a little longer than I thought.


My heart dropped when they explained no driving and I had to sleep with the boot on. Then the hammerblow….. I was looking at approximately 6 months before even thinking about getting back into my old gym routine


The first 3 weeks were a mesh of constant pain, and felling of uselessness as my wife ferries my four children to their daily routines of sports. I have to say that going back to work seem a million miles away but the thought of any more day time TV was slowly destroying the soul


So Week 4 comes and my first visit back to the hospital. Contrary to what I thought the doctor tells me it is knitting nicely and he saw some signs of movement in my toes while squeezing my calf. He has now removed 2 of the 4 wedges from the cast and said he was happy for me to return to work. So here I am First day back at work and its 3.19pm after arriving at 7am this morning. Leg is sore now and im back on the crutches to get around. I really thought I could have lost them by now but just feel vulnerable without them


Am looking for reassurance that others have been this route and can tell me what there experiences are and I am doing the right thing.

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