Sorry folks, its been over 3 months since my last post but like many of you have said once you start walking again and start PT it seems like very little progress is occurring. However I thought I would come on here and let you know that for all those at 12 - 24 weeks where it feels like nothing is happening to stick with it.

I snapped my tendon on May 20th 2012 and for the first time this week was allowed to go running on my treadmill. Ok the Physio said i could only run half a mile but 1km later it just felt brilliant to me running again. Only allowed to go every other day but and swimming the days inbetween to try and help shift the weight I have put on since the injury. On the 2nd run I actually reduced the time of the km by 30 seconds to and saw very little difference, in fact if anything the achilles hurt less than the first run

The plan is to now build it up increasing the distance every 2 weeks by approx 1/2 Km with the goal to stop at 5km and a time of around 25 minutes. Not bad for an old goat like me

Anyway if there is any others at around 30+ weeks on a similar adventure would love to know how your gettng on

Update you all again soon


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  1. andrew1971 says:

    Hi Paul,

    Great news, realy nice progress, 28/5/11 was my atr date. I am still struggling with running, my ATR leg still slamming flat on the floor more often than not - how’s your form? What did you do to regain a decent running action?

  2. smiler says:

    It was only my first 2 sessions back last week but although not quick the style seems to have naturally gone back. I am quite an active person running 3 junior football teams (soccer) so although the wife doesnt know, have been moving around the footy pitch (not running) for a while, i think this has helped, also i used to make a job of jogging to the car every morning before work, only maybe 20 yards but enough to start to stretch it

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