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Was away last week so didn’t update but turned out to be a couple of weeks of indifferent progress

As many you had suggested I went and sat in my car and started playing with the pedals. With great delight I found that my 2nd car’s clutch was much easier to push and I began to feel my heart face with freedom again. That freedom was short lived when I remembered that I the MOT was due the week after I injured myself (12 weeks ago)¬†and I hadnt driven the car in 11 weeks. So after jump starting in twice and driving to the garage on Friday to have it MOT done i do now have a car I can do small journeys in.

That was my step forward, However the bad news from my physio over the last 2 weeks is that after me complaining about pains in my calf they have now diagnosed a number of micro-tears in my calf caused my the initial rupture. These were missed due to the fact the boot had immobilised me. So while the tendon feels stronger if a little tight some of the strengthening and recovery exercises I have been given I need to slow down on :-) When I walk on my leg it is like im getting a severe cramp in my leg every time I push off

So after 20 minutes of pain from my physio along with a recommendation she takes up an evening job involving whips, leathers and chains I am reducing my training regime so am now just doing simple (very light) calf stretches, heel raising, and heel lowering over stairs along with standing on the one foot FWB. I have managed to acquire an excersice bike for a few weeks and am now upto doing 3km in a short time (I know its not much but it is a start) and will start swimming again this week

Hope your guys are all well and then your rehab is moving on a little swifter than mine. Catch you all up again soon

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