Well after 10 weeks and reading much on here I decided last night was the night to have a go at driving. I took myself off to the club I run the football from and went on my merry way around the car park. Seemed a little awkward and tight but thought that I should have no problem for the short journey home.

So I took the football training session for the kids and then said to the wife we would stop and have a drink as it was a nice warm evening. I said why dont you have a beer and I will drive home as been feeling really guilty about all of the driving she had been made to do because of the injury. Reluctantly she agreed and we stayed for 2 hours relaxing.

So the moment of truth…… I jump in the car turn the key and pull out of the car park and onto the road, it all seems ok but with each gear change I feel my Achilles getting tighter, I try to change my foots position on the clutch pedal but due to my size 11 feet struggle to push my foot to the floor so it changes gear with a grind. I move back to the more standard postion and get home making far to few gear changes but get us home in one piece. It was only a 2-3  mile trip and when I got out the car almost had the shakes. It felt as if every gear change I made was going to rip my achilles from my calf again. I was so disappointed as I have been full weight bearing for a while and walking in 2 shoes, with a limp, quite comfortably that thought driving would be a doddle. I guess I should have listened to my physio !!!!

Back to the drawing board for now, down hearted but even more determined to step up the rehab to get my driving gloves back on once more

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  1. andrew1971 says:

    Well you tried and succeeded to a point mate and that counts in my book - I hope your foot is feeling better for the experience though.

    But, I was sat in the car for a good half an hour, parked outside the house where it had been for the last 8 weeks just ’simulating driving (breaking/accelerating/emergency braking)…. maybe you can add that to your ‘physio’ just to get the ankle working the motions again?

    I felt awkward and mentally tired when I first got out the car from my first go back, but the foot felt fine (apart from the wearing two shoes for first time and that felt uncomfortable), I did give it 3 days rest before I got back in again and when I did I was back to normal :)

    I’d say the fact that you managed to get home means that you must be soo close to driving once more, congrats :)

  2. Hala says:

    How frustrating! I’ve just looked at your details and you are a left ATR aren’t you, so that means all that clutch work. I can imagine that might be difficult, I’m not sure mine would be up to that yet. Being a right ATR, its just light acceleration and braking, with the odd hard squeeze on the brakes which is fine. Guess you just need a bit longer, you’ll be there soon :-)

  3. pauls says:

    That gives me a bit of a boost, with only being at 4 weeks today, I keep saying to myself when can I drive again. I now know that I have a while to go before I will even attempt it! Good luck with the healing.

  4. Kimjax says:

    Hey Smiler, if it’s any consolation, I’ve made HUGE gains in ankle strength in the last two weeks (10-12). Seated calf raises, walking (and using the ball of my foot) therabands, and upping the bike level have made a big difference. Surely you’ll see the same!

  5. housemusic says:

    Give it another month Smiler…you’re still in the early stage of recovery.

  6. starshep says:

    Being in the U.S. where almost everybody has an automatic transmission (too much traffic and boring roads) I haven’t driven a car with a manual transmission for a while. Still I was wondering if there is any way you could work the clutch pedal more with your heel than with your toe? That might take some of the stress off your AT.

  7. normofthenorth says:

    Sounds like clutching with your heel might work if you moved the seat one click forward. A bit crowded for your right leg, but it might work. Stay safe, though!

  8. sheena says:

    I drove at nine week last week for the first time and was a bit like you. I tried to use more of my heel is it was tricky. I was driving to physio as I had no one else to take me.
    I did practice a lot stationary first so give that a good go and maybe around a big car park?

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