Well another week and another punishing session with Miss Whiplash (The name I have given to my sympathetic Physio). In all honesty to her she is trying to be gentle and not hurt but I’m encouraging her to push it to the limit as I am now fed up of being like this and want to move things forward. Have to say by the time she had finished it was if someone had been smacking my leg with a baseball bat but within 10 minutes felt so good and easy to move


Its been 10 weeks and 1 day since the event and I asked again this morning if I could drive, with a gleam in my eye and a smile thinking this might help. Not one bit, so another week begging favours off my mum and wife.


That being said I’m amazed after just one week how much more ROM I have. I would have estimated that this time last week I have 20 or 30 degrees of movement whereas now I would think it was closer to 50 degrees already and although still walking with a limp feels 100% better than it did 10 days ago. I am now consciously trying to walk normally but I guess this will come over time so for now it’s still like being the character Keyser Soze from Usual Suspects.


I have my new set of exercises for the week ahead and I even managed to get a green light about doing some gentle bike work at the gym. Next weeks torture session is booked and things seem to be progressing quickly. I may not be driving yet but really believe over the next 7 – 10 days I should be ready to take that next step. Its been a long, hard and frustration first 10 weeks but I am really beginning to see light at the end of that tunnel, so for those of you behind me in the recovery stakes, stay strong and believe.  

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  1. kimjax says:

    Congrats smiler - sounds like you’re really making strides! I have very little ROM, but driving has not been an issue - you really use very little pressure - even while emergency breaking. (I think the over pushing is just panic when having a quick stop) My first day out driving with my right foot (I’d been driving with my left), I was cut off and had another quick stop. It was no issue at all (but I had my left foot ready just in case!.) I’m using more leg than ankle flex - but it’s fine. I started right foot driving at 10 weeks - my biggest issue as been the lack of elevation (so swelling) while driving long distances.

  2. andrew1971 says:

    Congrats Smiler - I agree with Kim, I am 8weeks into recovery and drove for the first time yesterday see here http://achillesblog.com/andrew1971/2012/07/22/milestone-reached-today/

    I discovered two things for driving - ROM is not required as much as you think it will be, nor is the dorsiflex required and finally, with today’s modern brake systems I found even performing an emergency stop relatively easy compared to weight bearing or seated calf raises.

    I do wear my boot to get to and from the car, switching to traning shoes for driving, the boot’s too big and I consider trying to drive in it unsafe (you could hit the accelerator pedal while trying to brake).

    Just my 2cents, but I never asked for permission to drive I just ’self assessed’ if I was ready.

  3. sheena says:

    Hi there,
    are you sure you just don’t want her dressed as Miss whiplash???
    Re the driving, have a look at Andrew1971 blog and I am with Kim on this. I am 9 weeks on Thursday and went and sat in my car today to practice on the pedals, I’m in the UK. I have two kids which I don’t feel confident about driving around yet but next week I’m going to give it a go. A little practice in Tesco car park just to be sure but I think it will be fine….go and sit in your car and have a press down on those pedals, it’s not too bad.

  4. normofthenorth says:

    When I tore my first AT (Right side), I drove home without pain by hitting the brake pedal with my heel instead of the ball of my foot. It didn’t take long to make the adjustment, and I didn’t feel at all like a menace on the road. Way easier for me than doing it with my left foot (especially because I was driving a standard-transmission car!).

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