Well had a full week without my crutches and walking in just the air cast book. Things seem to be ok and can get around well. However at the end of my day have pains around the left side of my ankle. Occasionally my calf will have a twinge as if to say “slower” or “shorter steps please” but dont seem to be having any pains from the Achilles which has to be good.

I really want to take the boot off and try and put weight on my foot but and fighting temptation until I see the doctor next Monday. I’m desperate to stand up and get in the shower as oppose to sitting on a little ikea stool quahsed into the cubicle getting muscle cramps in my back from twisting and turning to find the shampoo :-(

Wanting to know if anyone else has just had the boot removed and where they are at. Did you go back to crutches and 2 shoes or what were you told to do or found out works for you. Am really keen to push on where possible but realise the dangers of overdoing it are so high.

All help greatly received !!!!!!

3 Responses to “7 Week Quick Update”
  1. Scott says:

    It took a few days for me to adjust when I went from the boot and into two shoes. You’re right - those little pinches & twinges are your body’s way of saying “ok that’s just about enough”. Listen carefully and you’ll be fine as long as you don’t ignore what it’s telling you.

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