Sorry folks, its been over 3 months since my last post but like many of you have said once you start walking again and start PT it seems like very little progress is occurring. However I thought I would come on here and let you know that for all those at 12 - 24 weeks where it feels like nothing is happening to stick with it.

I snapped my tendon on May 20th 2012 and for the first time this week was allowed to go running on my treadmill. Ok the Physio said i could only run half a mile but 1km later it just felt brilliant to me running again. Only allowed to go every other day but and swimming the days inbetween to try and help shift the weight I have put on since the injury. On the 2nd run I actually reduced the time of the km by 30 seconds to and saw very little difference, in fact if anything the achilles hurt less than the first run

The plan is to now build it up increasing the distance every 2 weeks by approx 1/2 Km with the goal to stop at 5km and a time of around 25 minutes. Not bad for an old goat like me

Anyway if there is any others at around 30+ weeks on a similar adventure would love to know how your gettng on

Update you all again soon


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Was away last week so didn’t update but turned out to be a couple of weeks of indifferent progress

As many you had suggested I went and sat in my car and started playing with the pedals. With great delight I found that my 2nd car’s clutch was much easier to push and I began to feel my heart face with freedom again. That freedom was short lived when I remembered that I the MOT was due the week after I injured myself (12 weeks ago) and I hadnt driven the car in 11 weeks. So after jump starting in twice and driving to the garage on Friday to have it MOT done i do now have a car I can do small journeys in.

That was my step forward, However the bad news from my physio over the last 2 weeks is that after me complaining about pains in my calf they have now diagnosed a number of micro-tears in my calf caused my the initial rupture. These were missed due to the fact the boot had immobilised me. So while the tendon feels stronger if a little tight some of the strengthening and recovery exercises I have been given I need to slow down on :-) When I walk on my leg it is like im getting a severe cramp in my leg every time I push off

So after 20 minutes of pain from my physio along with a recommendation she takes up an evening job involving whips, leathers and chains I am reducing my training regime so am now just doing simple (very light) calf stretches, heel raising, and heel lowering over stairs along with standing on the one foot FWB. I have managed to acquire an excersice bike for a few weeks and am now upto doing 3km in a short time (I know its not much but it is a start) and will start swimming again this week

Hope your guys are all well and then your rehab is moving on a little swifter than mine. Catch you all up again soon

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Well after 10 weeks and reading much on here I decided last night was the night to have a go at driving. I took myself off to the club I run the football from and went on my merry way around the car park. Seemed a little awkward and tight but thought that I should have no problem for the short journey home.

So I took the football training session for the kids and then said to the wife we would stop and have a drink as it was a nice warm evening. I said why dont you have a beer and I will drive home as been feeling really guilty about all of the driving she had been made to do because of the injury. Reluctantly she agreed and we stayed for 2 hours relaxing.

So the moment of truth…… I jump in the car turn the key and pull out of the car park and onto the road, it all seems ok but with each gear change I feel my Achilles getting tighter, I try to change my foots position on the clutch pedal but due to my size 11 feet struggle to push my foot to the floor so it changes gear with a grind. I move back to the more standard postion and get home making far to few gear changes but get us home in one piece. It was only a 2-3  mile trip and when I got out the car almost had the shakes. It felt as if every gear change I made was going to rip my achilles from my calf again. I was so disappointed as I have been full weight bearing for a while and walking in 2 shoes, with a limp, quite comfortably that thought driving would be a doddle. I guess I should have listened to my physio !!!!

Back to the drawing board for now, down hearted but even more determined to step up the rehab to get my driving gloves back on once more

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Well another week and another punishing session with Miss Whiplash (The name I have given to my sympathetic Physio). In all honesty to her she is trying to be gentle and not hurt but I’m encouraging her to push it to the limit as I am now fed up of being like this and want to move things forward. Have to say by the time she had finished it was if someone had been smacking my leg with a baseball bat but within 10 minutes felt so good and easy to move


Its been 10 weeks and 1 day since the event and I asked again this morning if I could drive, with a gleam in my eye and a smile thinking this might help. Not one bit, so another week begging favours off my mum and wife.


That being said I’m amazed after just one week how much more ROM I have. I would have estimated that this time last week I have 20 or 30 degrees of movement whereas now I would think it was closer to 50 degrees already and although still walking with a limp feels 100% better than it did 10 days ago. I am now consciously trying to walk normally but I guess this will come over time so for now it’s still like being the character Keyser Soze from Usual Suspects.


I have my new set of exercises for the week ahead and I even managed to get a green light about doing some gentle bike work at the gym. Next weeks torture session is booked and things seem to be progressing quickly. I may not be driving yet but really believe over the next 7 – 10 days I should be ready to take that next step. Its been a long, hard and frustration first 10 weeks but I am really beginning to see light at the end of that tunnel, so for those of you behind me in the recovery stakes, stay strong and believe.  

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Well that wasnt what I wanted to hear …….

Went through the usual question and answer session then was asked to hop onto the bed. Checked the ROM and was told  “it was still very limited”.

Then the medieval torture session began as she started to poke and prod around calf and Achilles area and she homed straight in on the area where the was large scar tissue and lump. Was ok when she was gentle but then the minute she squeezed both sides together I squealed like a small pig. She continues to work it but said that as it was still very tender that would only do a gentle soft tissue massage and would hope this would begin to help. I spent the next 20 mintues biting my lip and saying yes that is fine as she worked around the area. I have to say if this is the  gentle part im not looking forward to the next one.

However the hammer blow was yet to come. The Big Question…… So am I ok to start my driving now…… Sorry…. There is not enough ROM for you to drive yet maybe another couple of weeks but I will check again next week. Colour drained from me… Another 2 weeks…….. :-(

That being said i have been back just over an hour now and already i feel i have more movement and less tension in the Achilles area. If the physio can continue to work miracles like that I wonder how long it might take. So I am booked in again for next Monday and thinking a cheeky call to my work to see if I can get more Physio through my private medical. Surely twice a week can only be a good thing

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Im in week 8 and lost the boot on Monday. I was so excited and after Monday night all seems quite well.

However the last couple of days things have gone down hill.  They did explain I would have some swelling in my ankle but this doesnt seem to have gone down overnight or after keeping my leg elavated. To be honest at home with 4 kids I dont get a great deal of time to rest but I thought overnight would have seen an improvement

More concerning is the pain I am feeling in my calf. Last night I had really difficulty sleeping. There is a constant discomfort in my calf and it is so tender to touch. I can only describe it as the same as feeling you get after you have had a bad cramp in it.

Can anyone tell me if they have or are experianced anything similar ? I am off on a plane trip tomorrow and would like to ensure that this isnt going to make things any worse


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After my 8 week visit to the glorious UK Health Service its this site that has given me the advice and help I need. Yet again the NHS has left me wondering what purpose they actually serve.


8 weeks down the line and back to the hospital yesterday. All excited and nervous about the prospects of losing the boot, and stepping into the first stages of rehabilitation. So after waiting for 90 minutes passed my scheduled time I’m led into a cubicle and asked to remove by boot.


The doctor, who I have seen twice before, is not there so another Dr reads my notes and then does the Thompson test. He turns to his 2 trainee’s he has with him and explains what he is doing. I overhear him say that although there is still a marked difference between my two legs that there is definite signs of improvement and the good news is I can lose my boot.


I smiled ready for the next set of instructions but simply got, ok now you can go, I will get the physio team to contact you about your rehabilitation. That’s it. I was dumb struck, not knowing what I can do, how much I can do of it or even how long to the physio starts.


Thanks to this site I do manage to ask a few simple questions but it is clear he wants to go off and see his next patient.


So now I am FWB after coming out of the boot yesterday after 8 weeks and 1 day, although my leg felt as if I had just ran a marathon. The first step was if I was walking on a jelly floor, I kept hold of my crutches to give me a little stability while I walked the mile looking for the car in the car park but around the house am moving, albeit, very slowly and carefully around the house.


The Achilles is very stiff and feels tight but I’m guessing that is normal, although the pain in the heel I had while walking in the boot has gone, so that is good.


I guess I just sit and wait now wanting the physio letter to arrive. I’m biting at the bit wanting to start the next phase and really push on but not sure what levels I should be trying to attain. There had been no mention of ROM or anything or how good / bad my recovery has been so just dare not start without the professional advice


I look forward to updating you all when the physio letter arrives and the hard work begins but for now……


All I can say if Thank God for Achilles Blog.

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Have been desperately searching google for the actual UWO site with the protocol listed. I want to take a copy to the hospital on Monday when i visit. Can anyone please send me a link or post me a copy of the actual protocol so I can simply copy and paste it to take with me

Many thanks in anticipation

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Well had a full week without my crutches and walking in just the air cast book. Things seem to be ok and can get around well. However at the end of my day have pains around the left side of my ankle. Occasionally my calf will have a twinge as if to say “slower” or “shorter steps please” but dont seem to be having any pains from the Achilles which has to be good.

I really want to take the boot off and try and put weight on my foot but and fighting temptation until I see the doctor next Monday. I’m desperate to stand up and get in the shower as oppose to sitting on a little ikea stool quahsed into the cubicle getting muscle cramps in my back from twisting and turning to find the shampoo :-(

Wanting to know if anyone else has just had the boot removed and where they are at. Did you go back to crutches and 2 shoes or what were you told to do or found out works for you. Am really keen to push on where possible but realise the dangers of overdoing it are so high.

All help greatly received !!!!!!

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Today is the first day of week 6 and I believe things to be going ok. I have now taken another wedge out and have 1 final blue raiser giving me a slight angle for the foot. I also decided today is the day to go without the crutches. I have brought them into work with me but they are hidden in the corner.  Have to say the first 6 weeks have felt like about 3 months, I cant remember what it was like to walk freely and forgot the emotions of walking out of the gym after a really good session

Not back to the hospital for another 2 weeks now so just planning to try and continue to push myself a little walking a bit further each day and we will see how it goes. Have to say am feeling a little daunted about not using the crutches, walking feels a little unnatural at the moment as I constantly feel I’m about to fall flat on my face but I need to move on

In just over 2 weeks I am flying off to Budapest for a stag weekend, the doctor has already said that although I should lose the boot at week 8 he thinks it would be wise for me to wear it while I’m there. Might make some of the activities planned a little harder but airing on the side of safety feel is probably the right decision.  I have already contacted the airline in preparation and they are saying that I is no issues with me wearing the boot or taking the crutches on the plane but will let you know how it goes.

Have a good day all and hope your recoveries are going well

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