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Aug 12 2014

6 months - all is progressing

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Hey everyone,

It’s been a while and just thought I’d check in and post a report at the six month mark for anyone looking ahead and needing inspiration.

Life has continued to get better and better. I’ve bought a road bike as biking has proven to be the best rehab exercise for me, and I’m up to riding around 50 miles a week and training for a metric century in October as a goal. I find that even after a hard 20 mile ride with lots of climbing, my achilles still feels great. Swimming is also another great rehab exercise, but I find riding is much more fun than doing laps in a pool.

I did get cleared for a return to run program three weeks ago, but I’ve only attempted it once so far. It’s mind numbingly slow (1 minute of jogging, 5 minutes of walking, repeat 5x) and I could tell the pounding bothered my achilles even in that first day. For now, I’m sticking with riding and will likely try to do some more jogging in the Fall when it gets wet.

For other activities, my PT wants me to do 3 sets of 10-12 full single leg calf raises before I go back to playing any cutting sports (tennis), which I’m about 1/2 way to accomplishing. I can do around 8-10 3/4 height unassisted calf raises, but only about 2 sets of them. I’ve been slacking a bit on calf raises given how much I’ve been riding, but am going to refocus on them for the next month.

I’m still going to PT, although dropping to once a month. The focus is now on strength, agility and balance. Lots of jumping, single and double legged, ladder drills, squats and balance exercises on the bosu ball. Hard enough that I am sweating and exhausted by the end!

The only negative is that I still have some tingling numbness under the ball of my foot. Doctor said it was a side effect of the nerve block, and should go away by now. I’ve since read that it can take a year, and maybe never go away. It has gotten better, and doesn’t bother me really, but is annoying that it has lingered this long.

Other than that, life is feeling back to normal. I’m surfing, going on long walks, have done some 3-4 mile hikes, and mostly forget about my achilles. Keep up your PT and maintain a positive attitude, things do come along fine!


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