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Jul 18 2014

5 months and change

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It’s been around three weeks since I last wrote and only good news to report!

I’ve been on vacation and have been very active, walking, biking, hiking, swimming and otherwise using my leg. The biggest update is that I went surfing several times as well, probably the activity I most want to return to! All seemed well, though my leg is still weak and balance shaky.

In general, the achilles has faded as a day to day concern and I did everything I needed to do while on vacation with two active kids. I was more concerned with spraining my ankle on rocky hikes than hurting my tendon! Pain and swelling were minimal and everything seems well on its way to healing; I just need to keep building strength.

I went back to PT today and could do around 8 single leg calf raises, although most after the first one were at 1/2 height at best. That is still a big improvement from the 2-3 I could do 3 weeks ago before vacation. I abandoned all exercises while away, so all the strengthening has come from just being active.

The plan is to start easing back into jogging next week and continued strengthening of my calf over the next couple weeks to get to doing 3 sets of 10 single legged calf raises!

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