1 Year After ATR Surgery…

I feel bad because I’ve neglected this blog…but as I approach 1 year from my surgery date (4-3-12), I am reminded of how far I’ve come this past year. I had a full ATR on my left leg playing basketball and opted for surgery….I am happy to report that I have “O” limitations and issues with my repaired achilles and have been running, jumping, cutting, squatting….doing everything I was able to do prior to my injury.. I officiated a 70 game basketball season from November to March and worked 4-5 nights a week.

Just know that there is life after surgery and the road gets easier each month. The first 2-3 months after surgery are the hardest, and then once you get in 2 shoes things seem to progress quicker…I am turning 35 this Saturday and will be enjoying my birthday on South Beach….what a contrast from last year when I was miserable 3 days after surgery, popping pain killers like skittles and feeling “whoa is me”….stay positive everyone, things get better and easier….and there is life again after injury.

Happy Healing

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  1. Way to go! :-)

  2. Fantastic :)

  3. makes me feel good to read this post

  4. way to go smanuel23..My situation is pretty similar to yours with a 7 month delay…tomorrow it will be 20 weeks since my surgery..i also ruptured my left achilles playing basketball and in a few months ill turn 32…yesterday i saw my doc for the last time!!! he said my achilles is healed and that now i should totally forget that this injury has ever happened…easy to say, but harder to do so…anywayz…i cycle a lot with my road bike and that has helped me very much…doctor said that i could even windsurf if i’d like to but i feel its still pretty early…id rather wait one more month…i still cant walk properly 100% and thats my milestone…i just want to walk like i used to!!! i know im getting closer so hopefuly it will happen pretty soon…doc also said that after a year i wont even remember that i ruptured my achilles…coming close to the 5 months i remember the days after the surgery and this blog…i think that even after years i will still visit this blog..it has been fundamental for me and i assume for many others…i just want to wish everyone an easy healing and dont worry…after a few months you will feel normal again and you’ll forget all the bad moments of this injury…happy orthodox easter…Stavros from a tiny Greek island!!!

  5. Lefkas, I think you’re more correct than your Doc. You gotta walk before you run — and before you totally forget the injury, too. Yes, after a year there’s some forgetting…

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