Finally Made It To the BOOT :-)…PT Eval

Yesterday finally came and I was able to ditch my nasty 5 week old cast….It felt good just to be able to see my leg and touch it. The incission and healing is going well which is great, and the Dr. placed me on 50% PWB for 4 weeks. I have a heal lift in both shoes to keep my foot pointing downwards still.
Since I tok the whole day off of work, I turned my PT script in and was able to get a Evaluation done right away. I expected my calf to be smaller than what it was, so needless to say i was pleased with that. The best part of my day was being able to take my first shower since 3/28….It was scary getting in and out but still a lot much better than a spongebath.

Looking forward to ditching these crutches next, hopefully sooner than later….but I’m not going to rush it.

Happy healing.

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  1. congrats smanuel23 !! I got my cast off just a couple days before you (5 weeks and 5 days post-op) and into the boot and know exactly how great it feels! Seems you and I are on a similar schedule. Surprisingly, my doc said I could go ahead and start weight bearing “as tolerated” in the boot and I quickly discovered myself walking (very slowly) already without crutches! My plan is to completely ditch the crutches in the next few days, soon as I can walk a reasonably good pace. PT starts tomorrow for me, so maybe we can compare notes. Two things I want them to work on is the hardness right above the incision (lower soleus) and mild swelling and discoloration on my foot.

  2. I went to this site a few days after my surgery on 4/4/12 but got so depressed that I stayed away until now. I was miserable throughout the month of April and didn’t want to hear about anyone else’s problems. Just got my second cast removed three days ago, and now I’m in a boot. I keep it on for two weeks and then start PT. Mentally, I’m doing better but am sorry that I will not be able to run around at my daughter’s college graduation on Mother’s Day. I’ll be in a wheelchair. Can’t wait to start walking again. Will check back to see what’s happening now that I’m in a better frame of mind.

  3. Cheryl - I was exactly the same. I found this site kept me awake at nights and made me feel worse about my situation in the early stages so I just left it alone until I was mentally ready. We are all different. It took me 6 months to get my own page up. Give it a read if you like - Xplora. You may find so more similar things and some helpful stuff. Hope it goes well for you.

  4. yay for boots! I got mine a few days ago and I couldn’t be happier!! I had my surgery in the US (I am a Canadian and was in school in the US when I tore my achilles), and the first surgeon was going to keep me casted for 4-6 weeks and then a boot. My surgeon here (i’m in Canada now) put me in a boot after a week…it was unexpected and a really nice surprise. FWB is awesome, even if its a hobble. Good luck with your recovery. Enjoy your boot!!

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