A Random Check-In

Just a random check-in, no major ups or downs.

As far as my timeline and progress I am 3 weeks post-op and still wearing my original cast.  My next visit is 5-8-12 and I’m hoping I get fitted for a boot so I can feel some progress.  I’ve been active as possible (and careful of course), getting to the gym 3-4 days a week the last two weeks.  This is my second week back at work, hopefully going forward I don’t have to explain “what happened?”anymore..I’m hoping I’ve come across most people that know me and know I’m injured……..My mindset is such that I’m injured and not handicapped….I try and stay as independent as possible and the more I can do without the help of other people the better I feel mentally….stubborn I know..I’ll feel better when I get my hands free, so I can clean up things and carry more on the go……until next time…

Happy Healing

One Response to “A Random Check-In”

  1. Yes, getting both hands free is a relief. Part of the problem with cructhes; or even with a cane.

    Of course, you are injured and recovering; not handicapped. This is thankfully only temporary. But I agree that’s right attitude to have: not being a victim, but just dealing with the situation. I’d rather any and everyday have the problems that come with an active lifestyle than the problems that come with an inactive one. This — the ATR — finally just a bump in road.

    All best!

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