2 Weeks Post Operation…Back at work

Today is my 14th day post surgery and I returned to my desk job at work. It was a bitter sweet day back at work, good to be back in a semi-normal routine….but tough to get around on crutches and trek back and forth to the cafe and attempt to carry things. The backpack has been my best friend, but kinda tough to stuff a grilled chicken sandwich in a backpack :-).
I got tired of telling everyone not in my immediate dept. how I got hurt and even more frustrating was some of the responses I got: “you need to be more careful”, “better you than me”, “sucks you ruined your whole summer”…and the list goes on…I did however receive some positive energy and that was good to hear. I received permission to work from home 2 days a week so that will help as I ease my way back to normalcy.

I went back to the gym after work and did some light chest bench presses and more core, just hoping to keep my blood flowing throughout my entire body and to relieve some stress. The gym was also bitter sweet because sometimes it can be frustrating coming to grips with what I can’t do still and the long road ahead sometimes still feels rather far.

I can park in handicapped parking as I have a permit for a year so that’s cool :-). I also went to the grocery store today and used a scooter to grab some milk and chicken breasts, using the scooter was fun…..wish I had one for work.

3 more weeks til my next follow-up May 8th and I’m hoping to get placed in a Boot.

Happy Healing and stay Positive you’re NOT alone.

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  1. Hi Smanuel23,
    Thanks for the post. So you are already back to work? That is impressive. I’ve basically been working from home for about a month. I probably could get around at work without too much trouble but I have a train commute & getting up & down (as well as getting to train from home & to work from train) seemed to expose me & my ATR to a lot of reinjury risk. So my boss was very good about letting me work this arrangement.

    I’m curious to know what core exercises you were able to do? That’s one thing that is starting to get away from me. The first week I was super fanatical about what I ate and I actually lost a couple of pounds. Since then? Yikes! I feel like Shamu. So I’d like to get to the gym and start doing something just not sure what.

    Thanks and good luck to you with your recovery!


  2. Good luck on the follow-up. Should almost certainly be the boot.

    Durwood, keeping the weight off is a challenge we all face w/ this injury. For exercise, no gym necessarily required. you can do some good bodyweight stuff at home. Pushups, with the bad leg for now drapped over the good one. Bicycle kicks. Or leg raises or crunches. Pullups, or rows using a TRX (or cheaper knock-off) system. Overhead (shoulder presses) with dumbbells or KBs from a sitting or kneeling position. Keep things moving between exercises and sets, and you’ll get some cardio work too.

    Smanuel23, good luck w/ it. I’m at week 13 now, in two shoes, and pretty much relearning how to walk. But I like it much better than being on crutches; or being in the boot, which was progress. So it gets better, and fairly quickly. You can’t always see progress from day to day. But from week to week, and month to month, you will — and other people will certainly notice as well. & maybe be kind enough to point that out if you’re having — as many of us here seem to — an occasional bad day with it.

    All best.

  3. Smanuel23–
    Looks like we probably had surgery just about the same time. (mine was April 3rd)
    VERY cool that you are back to work so soon! I will have to be out for a while longer until I can drive. I happen to work at the gym…
    Does your gym have an upper body ergometer? I used the one at my work last week and found it really pretty challenging! I’ve only ever seen 70 year old guys use it before, but I finished off nice and sweaty and content having had a cardio workout,.

  4. I’m about 2wks. post surgery, getting stitches out Friday. Dr. said I had major tendonitis & he did the best he could to save the tendon & the other small tears around it with a graft inside, etc. Whatever that means lol I’m in no pain anymore but I’m just wondering or would like to know if anyone heard of being in a cast for 12wks. then a boot for 2months & then start physical therapy rehab for another 3-6months. DONT THIS SOUND CRAZY??? P.S. The Dr. is very anal & ocd, which means he’s conservative I guess. Thanks for listening! Frankie K.

  5. Frankie it’s best not to post duplicates here. The site has good tools that keep posts from being “lost”, so there’s no need - and it clogs up those tools.

  6. thanks normofthenorth! I really have no clue how to start a post or reply etc. lol any pointers my friend? appreciate it

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