9 Days After Surgery-Back In The Gym-tired of ESPN

I couldn’t take it much more, sitting at home watching the same ESPN highlights hour after hour, it was driving me crazy….Checking Facebook, checking Twitter…more ESPN…Playstation 3 every now and then…..

I decided to drive to my local gym (Lifetime Fitness in Cleveland Ohio), and start some light weight upper body lifting. Prior to my injury I was highly active and in the gym 5-6 days a week and sometimes twice a day….I used the machines and worked biceps and triceps and some core. Mentally it felt good just doing SOMETHING positive. I also received a lot of positive energy and reinforcement from my buddies at the gym which was nice.

Obviously, I can’t do any cardio or leg exercises and that was very frustrating watching everyone on the stairmasters and ellypticals sweating…..I am a cardio fanatic and my normal routine was to do an hour a day….so now since I can’t do a lot of cardio I’ve decided to start watching what I eat again and going forward the goal is to eat “Clean”…or Cleaner.
No more pity-party and no more potato chips, cookies and soda and french fries…..that so-called “comfort” food only makes me sluggish and then I feel even crappier afterwards. Before the injury I had one too many “cheat” days throughout the week since I did so much cardio, but now I have to be more careful about what I eat and drink.

I was 200lbs even at the time of the injury, of course I can’t weigh myself now, but my goal is to put on 5lbs max after I get to FWB.

Just thought I’d share.

4 Responses to “9 Days After Surgery-Back In The Gym-tired of ESPN”

  1. Nice work on getting back to the gym! It’s good to have some kind of routine (even if it’s not cardio…that will come a little later!). Sounds as if your gym crew gave you a good boost too. I’ll be happy if my arms are a bit more toned after all of this crutching around and upper body workouts!!

  2. Great job keeping up your workouts! Sounds like that was a spirit-lifter you needed!

    Just FYI - I lost 14 lbs from the time I had my ATR. I think the crutching around really helped me tone my upper body, tighten the stomach and lose some weight. Not bragging - just saying you might not gain. Of course, it sounds like you’re already in great shape (unlike me!), so your results may vary.

    Good job, and keep up the good work!

  3. Yes, as of last week I also actually lost 7 or 8 pounds since my 1st surgery (on March 14th), and i think it was from a combination of all the crutching and hopping around plus not eating as much. I decided to start eating a little extra (mostly high protein) and finally kept my weight constant over the last week. Despite the misery of not being able to walk or run (and watching my right calf shrink), I am still living a very active lifestyle that’s building my abs and upperbody and maintaining a reasonable level of cardio fitness. To help slow down the incredibly shrinking calf muscle, I am now flexing my calf many times a day by pushing down on the cast with my foot…

  4. Good for you getting back into the gym, that’s true dedication. I’ve been debating going back and toning up my arms and maybe even abs while I wait for my leg to heal. I’m a cardio person too…it’s def frustrating to see everyone working out and shaping up for summer. Keep it up, you’ll be better in no time!

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