1 Year After ATR Surgery…

I feel bad because I’ve neglected this blog…but as I approach 1 year from my surgery date (4-3-12), I am reminded of how far I’ve come this past year. I had a full ATR on my left leg playing basketball and opted for surgery….I am happy to report that I have “O” limitations and issues with my repaired achilles and have been running, jumping, cutting, squatting….doing everything I was able to do prior to my injury.. I officiated a 70 game basketball season from November to March and worked 4-5 nights a week.

Just know that there is life after surgery and the road gets easier each month. The first 2-3 months after surgery are the hardest, and then once you get in 2 shoes things seem to progress quicker…I am turning 35 this Saturday and will be enjoying my birthday on South Beach….what a contrast from last year when I was miserable 3 days after surgery, popping pain killers like skittles and feeling “whoa is me”….stay positive everyone, things get better and easier….and there is life again after injury.

Happy Healing

Finally Made It To the BOOT :-)…PT Eval

Yesterday finally came and I was able to ditch my nasty 5 week old cast….It felt good just to be able to see my leg and touch it. The incission and healing is going well which is great, and the Dr. placed me on 50% PWB for 4 weeks. I have a heal lift in both shoes to keep my foot pointing downwards still.
Since I tok the whole day off of work, I turned my PT script in and was able to get a Evaluation done right away. I expected my calf to be smaller than what it was, so needless to say i was pleased with that. The best part of my day was being able to take my first shower since 3/28….It was scary getting in and out but still a lot much better than a spongebath.

Looking forward to ditching these crutches next, hopefully sooner than later….but I’m not going to rush it.

Happy healing.

A Random Check-In

Just a random check-in, no major ups or downs.

As far as my timeline and progress I am 3 weeks post-op and still wearing my original cast.  My next visit is 5-8-12 and I’m hoping I get fitted for a boot so I can feel some progress.  I’ve been active as possible (and careful of course), getting to the gym 3-4 days a week the last two weeks.  This is my second week back at work, hopefully going forward I don’t have to explain “what happened?”anymore..I’m hoping I’ve come across most people that know me and know I’m injured……..My mindset is such that I’m injured and not handicapped….I try and stay as independent as possible and the more I can do without the help of other people the better I feel mentally….stubborn I know..I’ll feel better when I get my hands free, so I can clean up things and carry more on the go……until next time…

Happy Healing

2 Weeks Post Operation…Back at work

Today is my 14th day post surgery and I returned to my desk job at work. It was a bitter sweet day back at work, good to be back in a semi-normal routine….but tough to get around on crutches and trek back and forth to the cafe and attempt to carry things. The backpack has been my best friend, but kinda tough to stuff a grilled chicken sandwich in a backpack :-).
I got tired of telling everyone not in my immediate dept. how I got hurt and even more frustrating was some of the responses I got: “you need to be more careful”, “better you than me”, “sucks you ruined your whole summer”…and the list goes on…I did however receive some positive energy and that was good to hear. I received permission to work from home 2 days a week so that will help as I ease my way back to normalcy.

I went back to the gym after work and did some light chest bench presses and more core, just hoping to keep my blood flowing throughout my entire body and to relieve some stress. The gym was also bitter sweet because sometimes it can be frustrating coming to grips with what I can’t do still and the long road ahead sometimes still feels rather far.

I can park in handicapped parking as I have a permit for a year so that’s cool :-). I also went to the grocery store today and used a scooter to grab some milk and chicken breasts, using the scooter was fun…..wish I had one for work.

3 more weeks til my next follow-up May 8th and I’m hoping to get placed in a Boot.

Happy Healing and stay Positive you’re NOT alone.

9 Days After Surgery-Back In The Gym-tired of ESPN

I couldn’t take it much more, sitting at home watching the same ESPN highlights hour after hour, it was driving me crazy….Checking Facebook, checking Twitter…more ESPN…Playstation 3 every now and then…..

I decided to drive to my local gym (Lifetime Fitness in Cleveland Ohio), and start some light weight upper body lifting. Prior to my injury I was highly active and in the gym 5-6 days a week and sometimes twice a day….I used the machines and worked biceps and triceps and some core. Mentally it felt good just doing SOMETHING positive. I also received a lot of positive energy and reinforcement from my buddies at the gym which was nice.

Obviously, I can’t do any cardio or leg exercises and that was very frustrating watching everyone on the stairmasters and ellypticals sweating…..I am a cardio fanatic and my normal routine was to do an hour a day….so now since I can’t do a lot of cardio I’ve decided to start watching what I eat again and going forward the goal is to eat “Clean”…or Cleaner.
No more pity-party and no more potato chips, cookies and soda and french fries…..that so-called “comfort” food only makes me sluggish and then I feel even crappier afterwards. Before the injury I had one too many “cheat” days throughout the week since I did so much cardio, but now I have to be more careful about what I eat and drink.

I was 200lbs even at the time of the injury, of course I can’t weigh myself now, but my goal is to put on 5lbs max after I get to FWB.

Just thought I’d share.

Almost 1 week post-operation

Excited about going to see my Dr. in the morning for my first follow-up since surgery 4-3-12. Anticipating getting placed in a hard cast after being in a splint up to my knee the past 6 days.
Experienced a lot of mental highs and lows over the past week and I’m sure this will continue but hoping after another week or two things consistently stay looking up as everything I’ve read suggests the first 2-3 weeks after surgery are the toughest.

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