Normal shoes

It’s been 15.5 weeks since my surgery and last week, I was finally promoted up to normal shoes with no heel lifts. Although I still walk with a limp, the walking motion is starting to strengthen my ankle and my normal gait is starting to come back. I still have trouble walking down stairs normally so I have to point my toes outwards so that when my knee bends, its bending side to side and not front to back — because if it bends front to back, as I step down, my ankle dorsiflexes too much (the direction when you pull your toes upwards). The doctor says that this is normal and that my sole focus is to increase the strength in my calf, ankle and achilles. This is best demonstrated through the dreaded heel raise exercise.

Its unbelievable how weak my foot is. I cannot lift my heel off the ground off of just one foot, I need to be holding on to something, and even then it takes all my effort (and pain) to lift it an inch or so. Currently, my PT exercises are two foot heel raises with controlled lowering on my weak foot. I push so hard just to get up that I’m afraid I’m going to re-injure something, but both the doctor and physical therapist assured me that when you push down (in the gas-pedal down) position, you are not risking any re-injury. But this kind of exercise is only possible after your tendon has pretty much fully healed and is nice and thick — when I was reading these blogs, I used look at what exercises I could work on during my earlier weeks, but this is NOT the kind you want to jump into. Definitely wait to get the all clear from your doctor.

I’ve been doing these heel raises for a week or so and I can slowly feel more stability in my ankle. I can’t believe its been 4 months — looking forward to the next few months of PT so I can get back to walking without a limp all together.

3 Responses to “Normal shoes”

  1. Hang in there! I found walking around the house in a pair of brand new crocs has helped me a TON. The doctor never said anything about barefoot walking but I believe CSerpent told me not to walk around bare footing and I have heeded the advice and really felt more comfortable.

    The calf raises will come. I completely was in the same BOAT and I am 5 months into this. I would raise up on BOTH and the lower down on my surgery one and was like HOLY CRAP I am so weak but you are building strength everyday. Remember ICE is key too. I do not ICE enough.

  2. It does take time! And yes I suggested not walking barefoot until the 6 month mark since that’s what my doc told me and he explained why. And with regard to walking - take smaller steps so you can walk with a normal gait. As you get stronger you can lengthen the stride. It is important to have a normal gait so your body doesn’t start making weird adaptations to avoid pain. And my PT always said - if it hurts don’t do it. So remember that. When I started heel raises I first started while laying on a counter so most weight was held in my arms, Then I stood up more but still had my hands on the counter. Then I held the wall for support and, eventually, I could do it while free standing. It just takes time to get the strength back and you have to listen to your body to know what is right.

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