Day 1 post

I’m a 36yr old male that has been playing recreational basketball for most of my life and I never thought this would happen to me.  I’m not sure if that’s a normal thought or an arrogant one, but I basically figured that I had a good feel for my body and how to avoid pushing it too far.  In either case, I was playing basketball this past Saturday and while making a routine curl, I heard an unmistakable pop and the tell-tale feeling of being “kicked in the back of the leg” that I had heard about.   I initially thought I tripped on someone, but when I looked around and didn’t see anyone within 3 feet of me, my heart just sank and I knew it was serious.

I keep replaying the entire day from the way I warmed up, to how I stretched,  to the exact movements I was making and nothing stands out in terms of any deviation from my normal routine.  And I still shudder when I replay the popping sound in my head…mainly because I know what it means.  Surgery, the long recovery, the logistical challenges and everything else entailed with a serious medical recovery.  I spent most of the day after feeling pretty sorry for myself, but now I’m trying to focus on the road ahead and looking at the things to be positive about.  Thankfully, it was my left foot so I can still drive – and I’ve had a serious medical recovery in the past, so my wife is prepared for the journey to come – my wife even had a friend, whose husband had the same injury 2 years ago, so they lent me their crutches, ice pack, bike scooter, etc – and I am blessed to have insurance so this won’t cause too much of a financial strain.  While I can’t say I’m happy about any of these things, years ago, when I had other medical issues, I learned to trust in Proverbs 3:5 and I will continue to lean on that.

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