Almost 7 months post-op: When can I wear heels again?!

Ladies, I’m sure u feel my pain on this one.

When you have to dress up for a special occasion and then you look at your beautiful selection of heels and you’re stuck……. footwear choices are limited since the injury and you don’t know when you can wear those heels again….

Well, really…. When can we?! I know it’s obviously not worth re-injuring just to wear a pretty pair of heels, so when is it possible to wear them without fear of damage or reversing progress in HEEL-ing… hehe.

Im almost at 7 months post op. Is it still too early?? Does anyone have any advice ?


#1 kellygirl on 01.14.14 at 1:50 am

Good question, Skim. I could barely walk in pumps pre-ATR so I’m not sure that I would try them any time soon. I have been wearing heeled shoes for quite awhile though. 1″-2.5″ heels are seem stable enough–at least when it comes to boots or wedge sneaks. The one time I had to wear a dress, I wore a tall boot for stability. You are past the half way mark–I would think it would be safe to wear a modest heel. I’d do a test run in heels around the house and see how it goes.

#2 anne on 01.14.14 at 4:16 pm


Congrats on making it this far. When I got out of the boot at 11 weeks my doctor said heels were fine. My PT said no no no. When I say heels, I mean a good 3 inches. I never felt I would re-injure my foot (at least not from the type of shoes I was wearing) and I have good balance.

It did take a good long time for my foot to recover. I wore them at 3 months, then 4 and 4/12 months, and although they are 3 inch heels, the drop isn’t 3 inches. Wearing the shoe wasn’t painful, although my stride was pretty disjointed, it was when I took the shoe off for the evening and the subsequent days my leg hangover lasted longer than my evening out.

I’m 5.5 months now, and haven’t tried in a while. Good luck!

#3 loumar747 on 01.15.14 at 3:30 am

Great question. I’d been wondering the same thing. Thanks for the comments kellygirl (nice to hear from you again) and anne - I’m off to my closet !

#4 kimc on 01.15.14 at 10:24 am

I can ditto Anne’s comment: “ wasn’t painful….it was when I took the shoe off for the evening and the subsequent days my leg hangover lasted longer than my evening out.”

My dress pants are all long - and I’ve worn comfortable wedge-type heels whenever I would wear those pants. Suffice it to say, I’ve purchased new dress pants that I can wear without any heel lift. The shoes I used to wear were always comfortable (even “sensible”), but neither of my feet like the heel boost at this point!

Maybe you could try a break-in schedule for wearing heels, much like you would with new orthotics. Congratulations on passing the half-way point on your way to full healing!

#5 kellygirl on 01.15.14 at 3:36 pm

@loumar: Glad to hear from you! I’m thinking about writing a 9 month progress post pretty soon. Hope that you are doing well!

#6 VEDA on 01.16.14 at 8:43 pm

I am 13.5 months post-op and last month I wore my heels (2.5″) and although not too painful while wearing them, I was left with the “shoe hangover” for a few days, as mentioned by a few ladies above. I wore them again last week and am just starting to feel better. I have so many pretty heels and they just sit there all lined up nice and pretty in my closet begging me to take them out to play. Haha! Good luck!

#7 skim92 on 01.17.14 at 2:38 pm

Thanks so much guys for all your input. It’s my brother’s 30th birthday tomorrow, which means a night out on the town (ie. put on the dress and heels…) I hope this won’t leave me crippled for days to come, but I will be expecting not only a hangover from the partying but also the “leg hangover”…
Slow and steady, I want heels to return to my life!!!

Good luck with recovery at whichever stage you are in everyone!

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