Week 12: follow up and Mepiform

I just had my followup two days ago with my surgeon. He doesn’t ever say much when I go to my follow ups with him.  He takes a quick look at the scar and says everything looks fine. He doesn’t even really touch it to see. I told him about one of the sutures that poked through the skin. He didn’t really seem to care. But said if it happened again to come see him. There are pretty ugly bunches and knots along the scar. I’m guessing that’s either scar tissue or it’s the suture bunching up under the surface. Either way, he didnt seem to care much about that either. Sigh. Why do I go to these followups again?

Anyways, no thanks to my surgeon, I have this new thing called Mepiform that my physiotherapist gave to me because she even thought my scar was pretty nasty looking. It’s a silicon dressing you put on the scar and leave on 24/7 pretty much. One strip lasts 4-7 days which is pretty awesome.  Apparently it’s going to help with the bulging and redness of the scar. I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m having trouble uploading photos on here from my phone so I can’t show you but next post, ill be sure to post some pics! Hopefully with some improvement on the scar!!


#1 purple on 09.21.13 at 5:11 am

Hi Skim,

I’m sorry to hear that your doctor is not making you feel supported… I really feel there are many doctors who need to get some extra communication training -not you Norm :)

Skim, in Australia our Occupational Therapists deal with scar management. I wonder if they also do in America. You could ask your local hospital or community health service who does this?

Hope you find some answers soon!


#2 normofthenorth on 09.22.13 at 1:18 am

Purple, I’m no doctor. Not a professional health-science researcher, either. Just a science-trained guy on the Internet who’s interested, reads, understands, spends way too much time around here, and tries to explain what he thinks he knows.

My relationship to MDs is complicated. Mine are mostly great, though I’ve occasionally locked horns a bit with one or two of them. (At 68, I’ve collected a few of them!) But it’s mostly other people’s doctors, especially people here, who frustrate the #@$%^& out of me. And patients who follow their health professionals like a lapdog follows its master, also get me worked up.

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#4 grademiners review on 04.28.19 at 10:54 am

I wish you have uploaded your pictures of yours scar which you got surgery. I know this urgent take care a lot before the surgery but once they do it they never care of the patient. It does not belong to all of the surgeon but there are few people who are this kind. Recently my guy has gone through a spine surgery, and his surgeon did the same thing, I feel sad about him. I wish you good luck and speed recovery from your wounds.

#5 Big nose on 06.06.19 at 6:19 am

I remember you saying you were taking the test, and though I’m not surprised you passed, it’s awesome that you guys are THAT compatible. Congrats, again. :D

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