Does anyone else have a knob in their scarring?

I believe it’s the internal stitching or the knot they made to tie the stitching up, but there’s a definitive knob 3/4 of the way down toward my heel on my scar. It’s kind of off to the side of the noticeable scar, but still part of the scar no less. I asked my surgeon about it at my most recent follow-up on Jan 13th and he said that if it still bothers me in a few months, they can cut it out again….!!!! ahhh! another surgery, no thank you.
Does anyone know if this could potentially become an issue later on down the road?
The doctor said that it won’t become an issue physically, but if it bothers me mentally moreso that I could get it fixed up…
I had one of the stitches come through the surface before, so I just worry…will this giant knob be rejected from my body and try to push through my scar as well eventually?!

the thought of it just makes me cringe….

What do you guys think?

Almost 7 months post-op: When can I wear heels again?!

Ladies, I’m sure u feel my pain on this one.

When you have to dress up for a special occasion and then you look at your beautiful selection of heels and you’re stuck……. footwear choices are limited since the injury and you don’t know when you can wear those heels again….

Well, really…. When can we?! I know it’s obviously not worth re-injuring just to wear a pretty pair of heels, so when is it possible to wear them without fear of damage or reversing progress in HEEL-ing… hehe.

Im almost at 7 months post op. Is it still too early?? Does anyone have any advice ?

Week 12: follow up and Mepiform

I just had my followup two days ago with my surgeon. He doesn’t ever say much when I go to my follow ups with him.  He takes a quick look at the scar and says everything looks fine. He doesn’t even really touch it to see. I told him about one of the sutures that poked through the skin. He didn’t really seem to care. But said if it happened again to come see him. There are pretty ugly bunches and knots along the scar. I’m guessing that’s either scar tissue or it’s the suture bunching up under the surface. Either way, he didnt seem to care much about that either. Sigh. Why do I go to these followups again?

Anyways, no thanks to my surgeon, I have this new thing called Mepiform that my physiotherapist gave to me because she even thought my scar was pretty nasty looking. It’s a silicon dressing you put on the scar and leave on 24/7 pretty much. One strip lasts 4-7 days which is pretty awesome.  Apparently it’s going to help with the bulging and redness of the scar. I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m having trouble uploading photos on here from my phone so I can’t show you but next post, ill be sure to post some pics! Hopefully with some improvement on the scar!!

Muscle Loss : How to even up!?


I’m not sure how to rotate pictures here…I had a hard time getting this picture to load in the first place! Anyways, as you can see, my left leg has significantly shrunk compared to my right (And please don’t mind my socks~hehe).

My question is: What are the best exercises to even up this muscle loss? I’m still on week 9 so doing heel raises is a little difficult. When I do start strength training the calves, do I just do the left leg and ignore training the right leg for a while? OR do I still work both of them out the same?

How has everyone else dealt with the muscle atrophy?

The good news is my range of motion is getting pretty good. When I point my toes, it’s pretty much even with the right. When I flex my feet, although I feel the right is still more flexible, it looks almost even!

I’ve been going to the gym quite a bit. I’ve been using the stationary bike, elliptical and power walking on the treadmill, while doing what I can with weights (upper body, core and some squats without weight…and it feels DAMN GOOD to be back in the gym.

The funny thing is I weighed myself the other day, expecting to see a shocking increase in my weight. However, it’s true what they say, muscle weighs much more than fat. My weight actually went down, while my body composition became…well, jiggly and fatter (in the wrong places). Sigh. Time to get back on the grind and work on building that muscle back first thing.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone use supplements pre and post work out that they can recommend? All I am using at the moment is Whey Protein powder for shakes after the gym. Anything to get more out of my workouts would be awesome!

Hope everyone is healing well! And although it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is so far away, I do see flickers here and there.

** Sorry for being all over the place in this post! :)

2 months today!!

Today is my 2 month mark post surgery. I am in two shoes officially now. I’ve had some trouble finding shoes that feel ok mainly because of the sensitivity of the incision area.  I’ve found that most running shoes rub against it too much so I’ve already purchased then returned two pairs after trying it around the house for a while.

What’s working for me right now is my nike airforce one hightops. Because the back goes up high enough it doesn’t rub the middle part of the scar. I’ve put two Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions in the left shoe and although its still sore after being on my feet for a while, it helps a quite a bit.

Tonight I’m going to celebrate with an evening out with the boyfriend!

Hello AchillesBloggers! Better late than never!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is recovering well.  Although I have been using this site for a while now and commenting here and there, this is my first post on my own AchillesBlog…blog. I had started a blog prior to this because I discovered this late!  I figured it’s better late than never, as we all know, this journey is a looooong one anyways and I’ll have much more to blog about I’m sure.

The community and the support system here is great so I’m making the move to continue my blogging adventures here.

I’m going on week 8 post-op and I am walking around in the aircast boot without crutches and in two days time, I got the go-ahead to try two shoes!

Does anyone have any recommendations on good shoes? I bought a pair of Nike Lunarglides. But I hear the Nike Flex are good too.

One thing I’m worried about right now is the incision seems to have opened a little bit near the heel and it looks like a little piece of white thread is poking out.  At first, I thought it was pus but after feeling it a little, it definitely feels like some sort of string.  Is it some kind of stitch that is coming out from the inside? Has this happened to anyone else?