August 2, 2008

Sunday 3rd August 2008

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I dont know if anyone else feels like this but iam really lacking confidence to try and put more weight on my foot. 

Orthotics told me to put 10 kgs for the first coupla of day then increase by 10 kgs each time until i am fully weight bearing, but i cant seem to stop thinking that i am gonna re tear - is this normal or do i need to speak to someone.  the Specialist told me that i could FWB when i was ready. 

I am just sick of using crutches at the moment.  Am i being impatient?

Tuesday 29th July 2008

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I Had my cast taken off today and went into a cam walker boot. PWB with crutches.

First thing i did was come home and have a spa bath, that felt great.

Scar looks really good, just a few scabs to come off, leg looks horrid - scaly and very hairy!!!.  Still have some swelling at the end of the day, but its really good.

Havent started physio yet but i have been doing some simply flexs while in bed, just pointing toes up and down and rotating my ankle.  Now i know what a car feels like with no oil.


July 12, 2008

Tuesday 8th July

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Had my cast put on today.

Plain old white one, they only had purple and thats not really my colour.

It has been pretty good, i haven’t had any pain, just the odd feeling of tightness but thats from when i do too much at work.

Still keeping leg elevated as much as i can during the day and especially at night.

July 2, 2008

Wednesday 2nd July 2008

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I had my partner readjust my backslab and bandages today as the nurse at the drs when i had my stiches out did not rebanadage very tight.

I has to call my cousin to come and re do it, my loved one had gone to work and i couldnt stand the pressure on my leg/foot anymore, he had re bandaged to tightly and i am sure that my toes were gonna exploded.  I even took a pain killer it was that bad.  Anyway once i took the bandages off it was great releif.

I seem to have a very sore spot around my heel and ankle bone - has anyone else experienced this?

Tuesday 1st July 2008

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Seen the specialist today. 

Waited 1 hour for a 3 minute appt.

Keep back slab on for another week so that the swelling goes down further…. uggh

To have cast on next week.

I haven’t had any pain releif since 5 days after operation, i just get a ache if i have done to much - like today spent 4 hours at work and i have hand enough for today.

Monday 30th June 2008

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Had my stitches out today - no infection thank god.

Have another appt with specialist tomorrow hopefully go in cast as still have backslab on.

Leg is getting really itchy.  I have found that to have a good nights sleep i cuddle a body pillow (long straight pillow about the length of ones body)  this helps find a comfortable position.

Didn’t go to work today didnt want to put any pressure on wound just in case it went pop.  Even though i think the nurses would dress my wound for me i dont wont that to happen now.

July 1, 2008

D Day Thursday 19th June 2008

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Today i had my surgery to repair AT.  I had to go over to Whyalla - 45 mins drive for day surgery.

I was suppose to fast from 6 am, but my partner suggested to start from midnight as you never know what could happen - just as well i listened to him for a change because when i got there the nurse came out and ask if i was here for sugery - no i was just sitting here in a wheelcahir (long cooridors to get to day surgery unit) for the sake of it - i didnt say that but like duh.  Any way people had turned up and some had not fasted properly so i was upped on the list instead of waiting til the late afternoon i  went into surgery at 10 am out of recovery at 12 noon and on the way home at 1.30 pm.

When getting home my partner decides that now he will have to buy a new recliner for me.  So i ended up with a new cut, AT repaired, bigger backslab and a new lovely leather ounge suite -  too dear just to buy one receliner why not buy a suite with 2 chairs and 2 recliner at the end of the lounge. 

Pain was pretty stable just more of an ache than anything else.

June 24, 2008

Monday 24th June 2008

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Returned to work today for a few hours.

I am the Manager of an Aboriginal Aged Care facility, so i have the benefit of sitting at my desk doing paper work for awhile instead of walking around making sure things are running smoothly.  I have a good team behind which is allowing me to work from home and only do as much as i can at work in a few hours.

I have been bus getting ready for an annual general meeting so i have been giving everyone orders on what has to be done.

My mum and neice came home from interstate to help with me with housework and my daughter as my partner works shift work - just company i suppose at home while he is at work.

June 19, 2008

Tuesday 17th June 2008

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Seen the specialist… yes have to have surgery… yipee - joke…….

Slipped over tonight and put all my weight on my leg.    yoweeeeeeee i was alright until i tried to sleep.  i hadn’t had much pain until now….

Only way i could sleep was to have my lef up on 3-4 pillows and with more pillows behind my back looked ugly but felt great…….

June 18, 2008

Monday 18th June 2008

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Had ultra sound today and it confirm that i had a ATR, the fellow (dont know the technical term) who does them showed me what was left in the back of my left ankle - a big black hole of nothing.

I have definately made the decision that i will no longer be playing netball anymore, i have already had a right ankle reconstruction and this ATR has definately confirmed in my mind that this is it.   also my partner has already had his say, he had to look after me with my reco so i think he has had enough of my injuries to.

Await my appt with specialist tomorrow…

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