Doctor Visit

So, I saw my orthopedic doctor on Monday.  He ordered an MRI and said that it looked like my left leg was going in the direction of my right.  I had assumed when he said this earlier that he meant it would rupture, now I am almost certain he meant surgery.  Before I was out of the doctor’s office parking lot, I received a phone call from the MRI lab.  We scheduled the MRI for today.  After I had the MRI scheduled I called the doctor’s office again to schedule an appointment to get the results (another indication that he expects that there is a tear and that he is going to schedule surgery), the receptionist told me that the doctor is out of the office the rest of the week and I have to wait until Monday to get the results.  Bummer.  I want to know now.  Anyway, the MRI took about 40 minutes.  Since it was my ankle being done I didn’t have to go deep into the machine so no worries about being enclosed.  After about 30 minutes the tech came in an had me reposition my foot (knee bent foot positioned like I was pressing gas pedal on car).  After a few minutes like that he came back in to reposition it again and start the pictures over …. by the time it was over, my leg was tired of that position.

So now the MRI is done and I am waiting for my appointment next week to get the results.

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  1. Best of luck with the results.

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