Three Weeks of Physical Therapy

Well, I’ve been going to physical therapy for about three or four weeks now.  I was only  schedule to go to four sessions, but my therapist wanted me to keep going.  So I am.  He continues to do the ultrasound and acupuncture.  He is also using suction cups on me.  He will put two or three suction cups on my calf and lower leg while he is doing the ultrasound.  The last time I saw him (last Tuesday) he used the suction cup to massage the area of my Achilles that in inflamed.  It hurt.  The suction cups hurt as it is without using them to massage the affected area.  During the course of PT he loosens up my Achilles so that I walk out much better than I walked in.  But within a day or two after therapy it’s back to square one.  I see my doctor again next week and look forward to what the next step is.  All I know is I was visiting a member of my church at the hospital the other day and I was thinking, "I really wish the tendon would rupture here and now (since I’m at the hospital anyway) because then there would be an end to the pain in sight."

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