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The Start - week 3 post op

Posted in blog up and running now (hehe) on September 3, 2008 by sittingbison

I’m at week three post injury.

Paris’ arrow found its mark on 14th August 2008, I was warming up for kendo (I was doing some small hops back and forth). Classic case - 40yo male weekend warrior, left leg (the one not dipped in the Styx), recent increase in activity, felt like bat across back of leg then “crack” everyone heard it go. I went down like a sack of spuds, screaming WTF (the three letter acronym described in FAQ).

Got taken straight to ER, passed Thompson test, then decided to see my own othopod. He slotted me in next morning, confirmed the snap, explained pros and cons of surgery/nonsurgery (I focused on better quality healing outcome), put me on the end of his list and operated that afternoon so less than 24 hours after injury. I’ve had a backslab plaster cast for a week, then replaced with a fibreglass one for the next five weeks, crutches (forearn type), no weight bearing. Don’t know yet what happens after that.

I have not missed any work work, have leg propped on another chair with a pillow. Its not above the heart, so swells up a bit. I put it up as soon as I get home for next 12 hours. And all weekend. Hope this is ok. The Olympics was on telly, the coverage was crap. BTW I don’t have a Puritan Work Ethic (PWE), just started anew job only the week before. Sigh!

Got a shower chair and camode chair over the toilet. Got a watertight showerbag which has a rubber gasket seal around the thigh, its great.

Anyway, I’ll try posting some experiences and tips for future generations of ATR’s to find and enjoy. That’s if I can figure out blogging, its all Greek to me.