Cast and stitches removal

I had my first follow-up appointment to see the surgeon on 4/18/2012. This is the first time out of the house in 18 days so it felt nice. The nurse removed my cast and stitches and letting my leg breath was such a great feeling. The doc took a look at my incision and said it was healing up nicely. He said the next step would be to fit me in a walking boot with 5 heel wedges. Each week he wants me to remove a wedge and start PWB by the second wedge. By zero wedges, he said I should be walking into his office FWB when I see him for the next follow-up appointment. This was really exciting to hear. I paid for the boot which cost $200 and $50 for the heel wedges. That’s $10 a wedge which is a darn piece of plastic. The doc even said he doesn’t understand why they charge this much for it.

Pics of incision:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3