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Hello my fellow ATR bloggers,

I ruptured my right achilles on 3/26/2012 while playing soccer.   I was having such a good game.  Scored a goal in the second half to tie it.  Started accelerating on a corner kick and then BAM it happened.  I didn’t hear the pop but it felt like somebody had kicked me in the back of the leg.  I fell down and looked back.  I started screaming at the closest opponent saying what a cheap shot that was.  My teammate who ruptured his achilles 6 years ago immediately knew what happened to me when he heard the pop.  He ran onto the field and carried me off to the sidelines.  After the game a couple of the guys drove my car home and took me the the hospital.  I waited in emergency for 5 hours before seeing the doctor.  It was so frustrating sitting there in a wheelchair with my leg propped up.  I finally saw the doctor who said I might have ruptured it.  She said that I would need to see an orthopedic surgeon to confirm 100%.  In the meantime, they casted the back of my leg and bottom of my foot pointed downwards, sold me crutches for $55 and sent me home.  I called my manager and left a message that I hurt my leg and would not be able to go to work for a few days.  What made me more angry about this injury is that I decided to quit smoking new year’s day.  I was never a heavy smoker.  Smoked maybe about 6-8 a day.  The ironic thing is that half the guys that I play hockey and soccer with smoke.  And what makes it even more ironic is that these guys including myself played AA hockey and rep soccer back in the day.  We could still play but the smoking probably doesn’t help.  I guess we truly fit the definition of a "weekend warrior".  So back to my point, I decided to quit new year’s and made a pledge to play more sports to help get my mind off smoking.  I joined my buddy’s indoor soccer team and this is where it happened.  I keep saying to myself that if I didn’t quit smoking that I wouldn’t have joined the team and thus no achilles rupture.  I’m only 4 months into my quit but with the extreme boredom that comes with this injury it’s starting to make me want to smoke again.  I know it’s not gonna help with anything but it sure would help with killing the time.  Thanks for reading my first blog post ever.  Will keep everyone updated on my progress.



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#1 ryanb on 04.24.12 at 10:45 am

For a little while longer, you’ll probably have some boredom to deal with. But, in fairly short order, you’re going to have very big, all consuming project: rehab. Mobility, balance, strength, muscle mass, fitness… unfortunately, this injury takes all of those from us. An optimal recovery requires a lot of discipline and focus; I’m going to wager more than you were devoting to your indoor soccer games. So, if you can hang tight until you’re weight bearing and starting rehab; well, then maybe the recovery from this injury will even end up being the project/diversion you needed to kick the smoking habit for good.

At 6 months, by most objective measures, I was recovered. I decided to take all the energy and focus I had been directing at my recovery, and apply it towards a summer training regimen. By carrying that effort forwards, I am definitely more focused than I’ve been the last few seasons.

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