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Achilles Tendinitis vs. Boston Marathon 2012

March 18, 2012 · 7 Comments

Hi guys!

My name is DanO, I’m 23 years old and recently suffered a setback in this year’s Boston marathon training with the onset of Achilles tendinitis. This is an incredibly difficult injury to cope with and I have approximately a month to figure out whether I’ll be running.

I’m using this blog to reach out to sufferers and to those with the knowledge and resources to help me heal and recover in the fastest and safest way, as well as to reach out to others for support and advice.

Today is Sunday, March 18th -  about the 4th week of active rest - and I’ve been stretching, rocking the elliptical, weight training, and aqua jogging about 6+/- days a week with absolute NO-road running.

It’s my DARN right Achilles that has been sore and worse has been it’s progress back to full health. Right now I’d guess I could run about 3 miles on the road light before the shooting pains start up and thus why I’m off the roads completely and letting it heal faster without the impact. I know I’m in a lot better “achilles condition” than a lot of you (you rupture folks, I envy your persistence and bravery!) but for me I’m so disappointed and almost heartbroken by this injury.

The reason being has been I’ve taken the indoor season off to really commit to my Boston - first ever - marathon endeavor. But as lesson learned with us inexperienced, young guns was that I’m not invincible. I ran through pain, I ran with old shoes, and my body rejected the impact I was forcing upon it.

And so know here is where I stand. For the next 2.5 weeks I’ll remain indoors to active-rest activity. The marathon is approximately 28 days from today and I so desperately want to run. I’m using KT tape for support, going to work in comfortable shoes, and WISELY (a little TOO late) working out in the Brooks Launch brand new pair unlike my incredibly worn-out, ill-supportive Saucony rides. Please advise on any exercises, stretches, or techniques to follow for recovery or ask anything.

I love the feedback and I’ll be exploring through other blogs to view posts and comment where the help is needed :D

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