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Months Five and Six: Summary

Summary of months 5 and 6, in which life has been relatively normal, but sports aren’t quite available yet.
Rehab: By month five, the mobility had mostly returned, and balance was well on its way. The challenges, over these months, has been calf strength. There appears to be a lot of variability on this, but I [...]

26 Weeks: Back in the Water

At twenty-six weeks, headed back in for a surf amidst smaller (knee-waist high) surf. The leg is functional enough for surf purposes; it’s my front foot, I might have noticed it more otherwise. I’ve felt capable of surfing for a few weeks, but the PT wanted me to hold off until I gained a bit [...]

Five Months: Stalled

Five months, and after relatively smooth progress through the initial stage, I’m now stuck. I haven’t recovered enough calf strength to move to the next stage of physical therapy (hops, jumps and so forth towards running). It’s not clear how long this will take to return, or if it will. So nothing much to report, [...]

Months Three and Four: Summary

A brief recap of the third and fourth months, during which life has assumed its normal shape in most ways, but I’m not yet back to sports.
Rehab: For most of this, it’s been a combination of regaining mobility, trying to build strength, and working to get my balance back in the bad leg. The pool [...]

14 Weeks: Recovery Part I

At this point, progress seems fairly linear. Range of motion and strength continue to improve, with some distance yet to go. I’ve been able to walk up to 4 miles in a day, with only minor discomfort. Driving a manual transmission (operating the clutch with my recovering leg) has been going fine for a week [...]

12 weeks: Starting Recovery Towards Activity

Two more weeks down. A visit to the surgeon confirmed that things are more or less on track. I’m essentially free to — very gradually — get back to regular activities, with the warning that the tendon won’t be 100% healed for another 9 months. I’m walking about a mile with minimal discomfort, though I’m [...]

10 Weeks: Learning to Walk

This will be brief, as there is little to tell. My boot use is now restricted to crowded and/or unbalanced situations (the train, sporting venues and suchlike), and sleeping (so that my foot stays in neutral while I sleep — until my range of motion is a bit better, I don’t want to leave my [...]

Week 8: Boot Transition and Upper Body Exercises

I’ve started walking about a bit without the boot. There’s a heel-raise in my left (injured) shoe, and the PT has me using a crutch to normalize my gait a bit. In crowded and uncertain areas (the train to work, e.g.), I’ll still be using the boot. Technically, this is progress; but the length of [...]

First Two Months: Summary

Given how much use I got from others’ experiences here, I thought I’d post a functional look back at my first couple months post-surgery before it (mercifully) fades from memory. All advice comes with a heavy caveat — everyone’s experience seems to vary, so this may not apply at all:
Work: The first four weeks went [...]

6 Weeks: Full Weight Bearing (with Boot)

The progression to full weight bearing in the boot went well enough, so I’ve set the crutches aside. That’s let me spend significantly more time on my feet, without much in the way of adverse effects (touch wood). I’ve got a cane, but haven’t needed it much (aside from signaling disability on the train).
The next [...]