Well, I guess I am like a lot of the other veterans here. Our posts get less frequent as our injury improves and life takes over again. I check in and see if there are posts that I can offer advice on but this is my first in a while. I have come along pretty well all things considered. I have full range of motion, no pain in the tendon itself, and very little if any swelling or fluid. My problem now is strength!! I was going to PT two times a week for 4 weeks and once on my own at the gym. Then because of issues at work I cut down to one PT visit and one trip on my own(if possible!!). Until last week I thought I was going to be stuck with this wimpy little leg. My PT suggested trying a procedure called ASTYM. It involves some plastic tools of torture and shea butter. The tools are manipulated over the affected area to increase blood flow in dysfunctional tissuse - such as my MOST dysfunctional calf muscle!!! In three visits it seems to have done wonders.

At the start of the ASTYM I could lift 3 1/2 inches on my good leg(single calf raise) and barely an inch on my not so good leg. A week and a half and three visits later I can get up to 2 1/2 inches!!! Almost as far as the good leg. It is still week but the muscle seems to work better now if that makes sense. Before it would almost quiver when called upon to do anything more than walk. Now I have a little spring in my step and feel like I can actually flex the calf muscle. Has anyone else had trouble with regaining strength?

Like Kkdub mentioned on her page, I am EXTREMELY greatful that I did not have this injury happen right now. Even though I did it at the beginning of August and lost a couple of months of the short Oregon summer there is no way I would want to be crutching around in the ice and snow!! The guys at work said they would have put chains on my wheelchair for me though!!! Clowns!!

I am planning on wrapping up PT by the end of the year. I am out my out of pocket max for the year so starting January I would have to pay all over again. My PT says I have done really well and as long as I continue to do the excecises I don’t need to see her anymore after the ASTYM is done on the 30th. As for my surgeon I am SO done with him. He did an excellent job on the surgery but he spends NO time at follow up visits to answer questions. I have to stop him from walking out if there is something else I wanted to ask. 3 minutes for $180 just won’t work for me once I start paying again next year!!!! On my own from here on out. At least I have the internet for advice!! Scary as that may be other than this sight!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone and I wish you all the best!!!


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  1. maestro says:

    I can definitely relate to your doctor visits. My doc does the same thing. It’s like a pit stop he moves so fast. I wonder if all doctors do this. A result of having to cram so many patients in. An American health care system problem?

    I like the idea of the ASTYM I need to ask my therapist about that.

    Good post


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