Just got into 2 shoes this Monday!!!! I went to visit my PT and told her that the boot was KILLING my heel and she said that my leg looked good enough to ditch the boot. Just be CAREFUL!! Did a lot of balance excersises, leg press, etc. My heel is still killing me and I have balance problems. I do fine fine until I close my eyes, then whoaaaaaaa. Anyone else have this problem at first. My PT says it is pretty normal because all the receptors in the ankle don;t know what to do yet. Take away vision and you’re relying on your inner and those weak receptors to keep you upright.

As for the actual PT work I love it. Good to feel like I’m making progress regardless of how slow. I feel a little stronger everytime. I can walk without a limp if I go REAL slow. Then at the end of a work day….. limping is pretty standard. The foot and mostly the heel get real achy!!! Ice and the spa seem to take care of that and then I start all over again the next day.

 How long did it take others to lose the heel pain?

How about losing the limp?

It’s such a long recovery and that becomes the most apparent when you get out of the boot, think you’re ready to rock and roll, and then BAM. You realize that you actually just got past the easy part. Now the real work starts. Building muscle, range of motion, stamina, and balance.

So to all those behind me…. Save your energy for the actual rehab and enjoy the downtime of casts and crutches. To those ahead of me, I admire you for getting there because I know what it takes.

One day at a time!!!!

4 Responses to “2 shoes are hard work!!”
  1. Smish says:

    sidmatt: Awesome post! I agree with everything you said. Very few people talk about the heel pain though. I wonder if that happens because we don’t roll completely on our injured foot and our heels take too much of the walking pressure. The thing you said about getting out of the boot and on to therapy is so true. It really is the hard part. I kind of felt like I went backwards with pain as well. On my first surgery, the heel pain just kind of stopped when I had been in therapy for a while. I think it is because I started walking more normal. The therapy/heated pool really helps for that. Your body gets to learn how to walk again without 100% weight. I think certain shoes are better too. Good luck and thanks for the great post! It is good information.

  2. marianne says:

    I agree with Smish…..fantastic post! You are so right on with the real work beginning with PT and 2-shoes. I also couldn’t handle the boot after a couple weeks. I wasn’t able to put weight on it with the pain it gave my incision. My doc also told me to go to two shoes at week 8. I’m 18 weeks post-op and am still very slow and limping….also using cane. I did have the full open surgery incision ;( I’ve had 21 PT sessions and am very dilligent about exercising at home as well. My pain is more in the tightness in the incision and towards the end of the day, it’s more of a burning pain. The front part of my foot also is sore from trying to roll onto it as I walk…it’s tough. I thank you too for the great post with wonderful insite.

  3. stevew says:


    I just started two shoes as well and also have the heal pain as well. I think it’s because of the difficulty initially rolling off of the top of the foot when I walk. Instead, I use the heal a lot more than I normally would. I also have tile floors in the house, so the heal takes a beating. I am betting that as strength increases in the tendon, and stamina improves overall, I will have to rely on the heal less and the strides will be more normal, reducing the pounding on the heal.

    Good luck.

  4. damacar says:

    Hey! Go Ducks! My husband ended up watching the game instead of me, so I stayed out at the tailgater and watched on TV. I was planning on saying “Hi”.

    As for heel pain. Mine was bad for a couple of weeks. Limp? I still limp, sometimes. I’m limping right now from walking around so much on Saturday. I limp right after I work out. I still feel like my foot is weak, its strange. I still don’t have the “push” when I walk/run but it’ll happen. I’m only 5 months out from surgery, so overall doing fairly well. I just started wearing something other than running shoes because of the cold and rain. I’m definately going to have to invest in good insoles. It gets better. Its so hard to “take it easy” if you’re not a “take it easy” type. Your leg/ankle/heel really yell at you if you don’t though, so listen!!

    Damacar (Dani)

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