The \’Achillon\’ that my doc used

Got a call from my primary care doc this morning and he said that my red blood cell counts are returning to normal after all the internal bleeding courtest of the blood thinners. Then, this afternoon, I went to have another ultrasound on the leg to check the clot. It has dissolved by approximately 50% in a week. No longer obstructing the bloodflow and well on it’s way to being GONE.

The AT itself is feeling great after being in the boot for a week and it sure is nice to sleep and bathe without a cast!!!! The incision is barely visible other than the purple line where it closed up(see pics)

Thanks for everyone that gave some support with the clotting issue. My advise to anyone else that gets a blood clot would be to get at least a couple of opinions on the treatment. Not that the heparin and the coumadin aren’t normal treatments, but they are also very powerful drugs that should be considered before jumping into use. I did a lot of reading on clots in the last week and anyone can get them and not many know they have them. Even endurance runners have gotten them on long airplane rides. A low idle blood flow such as that in a person with a low pulse who is in excellent shape can actually be at risk for clotting. The drugs theselves don’t even dissolve the clot, the body does. So, at least in my case, waiting a few days after getting out of the cast and becoming mobile again to check the progress of the clot would have been a safer course. That is why I say seek a few opinions. Just my two cents.

Hope everyone is doing well..!!!!!!!!!

3 Responses to “Finally.. some good news”
  1. kristinatl says:

    Great news on your blood clot getting smaller and smaller. And, I want an incision like yours…it’s so little! You can be a leg model after all! Hang in there! ……..I am SO, SO jealous about your little incision. :)

  2. sidmatt says:

    Thanks. Sorry about your incision. I saw your pics. OUCH. My doctor used a new device called the ‘Achillon’. It is inserted through that incision, which is about 4cm long, and then three sutures are pushed tight through the skin at the top and bottom of the tendon. Then he pulls the device out and the sutures come with. Then they are tied off at the site of the rupture. I would recommend new ATR members ask their doctor about it.
    Hang in there. You’ll be over it soon. If I can beat a blood clot then your wound will definitely heal.

  3. hilary13 says:

    So glad to hear that you are improving! What a scary experience. Amazing scar. I wish you continued healing,

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