Aug 4th. Playing basketball and trying to do 18 year old moves on my 35 year old legs I felt the “pop” that is so infamous. I jumped to feet wanting to know who threw the ball at me only to fall back down again with my dysfunctional foot. After being convinced that no one through a ball at me I looked at my leg and quickly realized what had happened. Rather than go to the ER that night I went home and had some R.I.C.E. The next morning went directly to an Ortho, skipping the expensive referral because my health plan SUCKS!!!! He scheduled surgery the next day, Aug 6th, and my journey has begun…..

My 1 week post-op visit netted me a new cast and 4 more weeks of NWB. I think that I just might lose my mind. The cast is so uncomfortable at times I would like to chop it off. I have to remind myself to be patient and that it certainly could be worse. I will walk again. Many people with other injuries and ailments can’t say that.

Day 8: Back at work and using a wheel chair to cruise around work. I am fortunate enough to have a desk job that I could return to. Even though I am mostly sedentary the leg swells pretty badly after 6-7 hours at work and it TIME TO GO. It seems you get creative rather quickly to do the things that once came easily. Taking showers, going up stairs, raiding the fridge, etc.

Day 12: Slipped on my crutches and put a lot of weight on my bad leg. THAT HURT!!  I spent the rest of the evening elevating and icing. The next day was filled with worry that I might have damaged something. I called the doc to get his opinion only to be told by a medical assistant that he was not in but I should be fine. Easy for her to say…..  Has anyone else fallen and landed on the bad leg??? What did it feel like? 

4 Responses to “I have joined the club I never knew about…..”
  1. catnboot says:

    I didn’t fall on it. But when they took me out of the boot at 7 weeks and put me in 2 shoes the bad thing happened. You will probably be OK because the boot will have protected you. But from my experience you have push them to get the attention you deserve. Another thing you have going for you is youth — even though you might not think so!

    What I did was a lot worse - I was in 2 shoes! I stepped backwards and crouched at a loud sound the microwave made. It re-ruptured. They didn’t think so even after looking at it. Asked me if I wanted (IF) an MRI. YES! ASAP! Well I got the bad news from the MRI tech on a Friday with doctor appointment not until following Wednesday. Called the office on Sunday and when one of the doctors returned my phone called all I could do was cry. So remember that. It got me immediate attention. Crying recommended! The MRI miraculously appear in doctor’s hands by 7am Monday and surgery was scheduled for first thing Tuesday.

    I wasn’t in doubt about the re-rupture. So you have doubt working on your side. I could see a knot at the base of my ankle. It hurt all the time. You may want MRI for confirmation. I hope and pray that you are not one of us re-ruptures. Take care - Catherine

  2. sidmatt says:

    I actually still have the cast on for now. So my foot is pointed downward at about 45 degrees. I can flex my calf slightly and feel things moving around. If I move my leg I can feel the tendon move and seems active. Just very sensitive!!!

  3. kev34 says:

    sidmatt- I fell off two steps straight down onto my injured toes, two or three weeks into the hostage crisis. Pretty bad pain at first but it went away pretty quickly, I called the ortho they said with the cast on–it would be very “hard” to re-injure the tendon with a fall like that…hopefully all is well, but just listen to your body–if you think or feel it has gottwn worse, go see the ortho –just for the peace of mind…good luck Kevin

  4. Jonathan says:

    Hi Matt,

    I think you’ll be okay.

    I’ve now had the crutch slip and ‘touch down’ 4 times. I think you should be okay. I got a sharp pain at the time and it ached for an hour or so and I can understand your panic. My achiiles feels like it’s floating around like a slack rubber band when I wiggle my toes.


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