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1st doc visit — day 2 of injury

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The ortho doc said my husband’s achilles tendon was indeed ruptured — confirmed by the exam, and squeezing his calf while my husband kneeled on the exam table  (again, no twitch in his foot).  He gave him two options for repair:

Option 1 — surgery.  According to the doc, this would likely prevent further problems with activity in the years to come.  Possible downfall would be general anesthesia; infection at incision site (apparently due to lack of tissue at that location).

Option 2 — casting.   The cast would be replaced each week and gradually the angle of the foot would be elevated as the tendon healed. 

The “down time” would be about the same.  My husband briefly thought about it and opted for surgery which was scheduled for 6 days later.  They replaced the splint which had been removed for the exam; firm instructions to stay off the foot;  no work;  elevate the foot/leg above the center of his chest; and apply ice to reduce the swelling and pain (20 minutes every hour).    The PA emphasized the importance of keeping the swelling down prior to surgery; apparently there were a few strands of tendon that were still hanging on; preserving those strands would make the surgery easier. 

The PA said the splint can be removed, but, he recommended that only when my husband was stationary — taking it off to shower would be risky in case he slipped and put weight on the injured limb.   Ditto sleeping — he suggested leaving it on to sleep. 

My husband’s outlook is good — he’s surprisingly good-natured about this ordeal.  Whew.  He seems relatively free of pain which is a surprise to me.  It seems to me that an injury like this would hurt like hell.



Comment by 2ndtimer

November 21, 2009 @ 12:06 pm

Great to hear the other side of the story!

Next time I get injured I must get meself a wife, too! :-)


Comment by shortseason

November 21, 2009 @ 12:34 pm

I’m sure it’s a challenge to be home alone but I’m sure you get inventive.

Think of what you are missing: nagging, hovering, endless suggestions about what you should and should not do! *grin*

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