May 30 2012

Back on the gas

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In truth I’ve been giving it the beans for a while now but as of last week I am officially discharged and flying solo.
It’s been a long haul for sure but equally it’s all done and dusted in well under the 12 months originally prescribed.
I’ve experienced bits that work for me and things that don’t.
Some advice has been good, other advice excellent, and some just conservative ass covering advice.
For me, I have had to live with this body like forever so I’m getting good at reading the signals it gives out. All I needed was proactive regime to follow to speed up and strengthen the recovery.
The physios were exactly what I needed and I cannot praise their efforts enough.
I am now pretty much back up to speed with the windsurfing, just need to work on the endurance side a bit so I can give 100% for longer.
I gave myself a bit of a test at a local British Slalom Association event last Saturday using freeride kit to check my pace against the fast guys and was pretty pleased with myself. I wasn’t expecting to be so close to their speeds considering the kit differences let alone my rehab status (think road car going against touring car equivalent)
What has truly been a revelation for me with regards to helping my recovery has been stand up paddleboarding …. Wobble board exercise but on the water and also working the core and also other body parts … Truly been superb for me.
If any of you want to give it a go as part of your recovery then let me know …. Be happy to help you on your recovery path too

Good luck everyone …. And listen to your body, it knows more than you or the docs know … Just never easy to translate ;)

Surfs up :) Aloha

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  1. ryanbon 30 May 2012 at 10:20 am

    Having gone through this all with you (from afar), it’s great to hear that you’re doing so well, and back to the windsurfing and paddleboarding. I would expect that after a full season, you should be very close to 100% by the end of this summer.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. shootingthebreezeon 30 May 2012 at 11:50 am

    Thanks Ryan and believe me that your own determination was all part of my inspiration …. Like minded in our determination to get back on with life as we knew it rather than accept a lesser offering ;) Thanks for all your encouragement and for sure I am expecting to be giving it full throttle as season moves on.
    Hope all is cool with you, just kind of assumed it to be, haven’t really checked in here as much as I might so probably missed loads of updates.
    The early weeks this site really really really helped me … So I should look to return the compliment and help people joining the site at square one …. Although my own process was perhaps a touch more cavalier than maybe some would appreciate ;) Go hard, go fast, go play :)
    Latest ‘challenge’ I’ve taken on is converting a big panel van into a board cave / Motorhome to carry my toys and my family, with enough creature comforts to spend long weekends living in it …. I picked up a pre converted 2 berth van and am currently stripping it all out to rebuild it with layout to suit :) hopefully it’ll all go according to plan and it’ll also work for longer term surfaris ;) Just need to sell some stuff as running out of space …. My trusty Achilles invalid carriage is on eBay having just re-MOT’d it … Be sorry to see it go in some respects but it also closes a chapter that I’d rather never opened.
    Anyone looking for an auto as a runabout and fancies some comfort and performance with lots of space then give me a shout, or check eBay

    Thanks again for all your encouragement, general and personal, it all helped. If you are over this side of the pond anytime drop me a note and maybe organise to hook up and get you on the water even:)

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  3. Garyon 31 May 2012 at 4:17 am

    Awesome, great news, although reading back through your blog it seems you’ve made stellar progress all the way through! I’m a keen windsurfer too here in windy Wellington, NZ. Waves mainly, used to do freestyle but old age and family has caught me (and my achilles) up. I’m 2 months into achilles round 2 and went to 2 shoes today in fact, all good. Its frankly inspiring to hear that you got back into sailing virtually 3.5 mths post ATR, so I’ve reset my target get wet date from 9 months to 7 months, even though the conventional wisdom has it that it takes twice as long to recover second time around. Of course I will listen to my body…..Your comments re SUPing as really top rehab for the achilles is great to hear also, I’m considering getting into a SUP for training and waves too. We only live 2 minutes from the water so quite convenient. Anyhoo thanks for your blog, its got me stoked again, kia ora and kia kaha from NZ!

  4. shootingthebreezeon 31 May 2012 at 2:18 pm

    Glad my blog gives you that stoke Gary :)

    For me just getting on the water was most important step for me to take as part of the rehab but with the nature of the sport, it was odds on that the instant I decided that I was ready to give it a go, the weather was brass monkeys and there was a chunky swell … My rehab board was the Exocet 10′5 Tri-fin (previously known as the Kona 10′5 & now as the Exocet Curve 10′5). Such a great board for easy riding … And you can go progressively harder easy on it …. From gentle turns to get a feel to full on snappy top n bottom turns … Even bad ass jumps (with careful landings).
    I have since give fast freeride and slalom boards a go, and also scored some sessions on my USurf84 and 4.5m in proper wind :)
    To begin with, SUP and then SUP with a sail (windSUP) were used, and then onto the 10′5 with footstraps … They are a leap of faith !!!
    For support, the time of year suited, as I was using winter suits and winter boots so with a 5mm boot and the 4mm leg neoprene the support was good without any extra. I am currently back windsurf and sup barefoot with no supports. Only area of caution now is sun cream on the scar.
    I’m not sure of your situation at present but early on I spent a lot of time in the boot loosening straps and doing mobilisation exercise within restrictions of the slackened boot. None weight bearing but I did find myself stretching and pulling the calf / Achilles gently and also rotating ankle about to stop it from stiffening up.
    I wasn’t supposed to but having kept stuff moving I recovered full range of movement very quickly and was able to get onto strength exercises much sooner.
    Strength with no ROM is useless to us windsurfers so work on that. Rolling a foot on a football in various directions is good, no weight on it though, just sat on sofa.
    Once you can get about on two feet get on wobble boards, and once confident on these get on a SUP
    You should of course understand that I’m not a GP / consultant or physio and not familiar with your case so all I’m offering is encouragement and ideas based upon my own personal experiences. Happy to help but if you have any concerns please check with your consultant etc … I don’t want to help you go backwards in any way …. But I would of course be happy to answer questions etc if you think I can help at all :)
    Aloha :)

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