Feb 23 2012

Up and running

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Ive been following my physio’s return to running program for a couple of weeks now, and today had an assessment with her to check progress.

In the ‘program’ I’ve got set ‘walk then run’ times, and it says that when I have done each of these three times then I can move on a level.

I read that as meaning three on the bounce, not three separate sessions, and instead of a nice steady 4mins walk and 2mins jog, I immediately kicked off with an 18min mixed treadmill session, after a 5min warm up on bike, and followed with a 500m concept2 row & another 5min on bike to cool down …. Then stretches.

We had a chuckle as I seem to have moved on about 8 weeks in two on the return to running program. That said, I eased off the heel raises and that showed when the tape measure came out. Good foot rises 4″, recovering one just 3″ ….. And I need to show 20 at 4″ before we can load it up for increased strength.

I didn’t exactly get a telling off, but I could sense that she was a little disappointed by this, and I guess I was a bit surprised having got stuck into the running, which is something I don’t really do ….

Guess I’ll be working on the heel raises a bit more before my next assessment, as well as carrying on with the gym work.

I’ve also just found out that with work I’m due to entertain a visitor by way of a round of golf …. I’m assuming that I’ll be okay playing golf given that I seem to cope pretty well with watersports etc ;)

Happy heeling folks :)

3 Responses to “Up and running”

  1. Januson 23 Feb 2012 at 7:21 pm

    The one qualification you mention about the heel raises aside, it sounds like excellent progress to me — a fairly full slate of activities. Seems you’ve gotten back a great deal of functionality. Can’t see that as anything but good news.

    Best w/ the upcoming golf game!

  2. shootingthebreezeon 23 Feb 2012 at 7:48 pm

    Yeah, coming along pretty well. I’ll actually be allowed to go windsurfing soon too, officially ;)

    Joking aside, although i’ve been out a few times since Xmas, I have been stacking the odds in my favour by choosing conditions that were rehab friendly ….. Until last Saturday at least.

    It was really nice to get back onto my favourite board and sal combo in decent winds and fun sized waves, and the temperatures weren’t too chilly either, although the water temp has definately dropped thanks to the recent snow!!

    Golf is not really my game, although its a game my dad loves so I have a reasonable inherited understanding of the game ….. No surprises really, I’m pretty useful playing out of the ‘beach’ ;)

  3. mljackson60on 24 Feb 2012 at 12:04 am

    Great job!

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