Nov 10 2011

Physio session 2

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Good physio sesh this morning, ROM doing well. Got me on the wobble boards so good SUP and windsurf training ;) Did some ultrasound stuff too which seems to loosen it all up a bit which is cool. Also set me a pretty keen regime over the next week to get full ROM before crack on with strength stuff. Recommended I use the kids Wii Fit for fun rehab tool so got them to fire it up this eve and see if my Mii was any fitter than me …. Not sure as it happened, not sure about my Wii Fit age of 60 !!! It did say that I’d lost 8lbs since I last used the Wii though so wasn’t all doom and gloom ;) Ice pack and foot elevated to help work the swelling, guess that makes me the perfect patient today ;) lol

2 Responses to “Physio session 2”

  1. shootingthebreezeon 15 Nov 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Midway through the regime and automotive issues trip me up.
    Monday managed pre-work wobble board gym sesh, this morning ultrasound & massage. All cool.
    Have been forced to cancel Thursday’s wobble board session while getting motors all sorted ….. Going to have to risk the Wii abuse from the kids instead then ;)
    ROM coming along nicely and up and down the stairs fine too.
    How long until I can windsurf again, that’s the question ;)
    When I’m good and ready, apparently impatient can easily equal inpatient …. I’ll give ‘em another week then ;)

  2. ryanbon 15 Nov 2011 at 7:20 pm

    > apparently impatient can easily equal inpatient …

    LOL :-)

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