Sep 14 2013

Two years on

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Just a quick update as I’ve let the blog lapse a little since getting back into normal kind of life.

I’ve been windsurfing plenty, strong winds and big waves as well as lighter breezes and blasting around with my buddies.

Ive also messed about on the SUP cruising around exploring and also surf SUP’ing with the kids on board and I would say that the SUP is an excellent rehab tool for the more adventurous of you out there …. Wobble board and swimming combined ;)

Running, well apart from my Physio prescribed running on the treadmill I can safely say that I’ve not done any running since the Physio sessions, and I feel good.

Kettlercise, a new direction for me as the Missus qualified to teach kettlercise classes and I’ve enjoyed giving her my support attending those that I can, work permitting. Great all round workout and really helped me maintain and even improve fitness and core strength through a rubbish winter for windsurfing.

More recently I’ve done a bit more cycling, and this is pretty good for the calf area. It’s been nice to note that I’m pretty much on the pace with more experienced riders while technically considering myself to be ‘less able’ through accumulated injuries. It’s really helped me understand that despite the scars and and the concerns in the back of my mind, that I can pretty much get out and kick ass where I decide I want to.

Next up my youngest is wanting daddy to be his football (soccer to those across the pond) hero, and to be honest, that’s the one that holds the most fear ….. Bloody dangerous sport the way I’ve always played it, old skool ;)

Good luck with all your rehab work, remain positive, work hard, and get back on it. Really was the worst news I heard when I was told I’d snapped my Achilles followed by the 12 month repair prediction …. Mine didn’t take that long, and I was back windsurfing within 4 months, but I can say that 2 years on, other than the scar, when the Missus looks at my legs she couldn’t tell any difference.

Sympathies to those just starting the road to recovery, really have ‘been there’!!!!!

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May 30 2012

Back on the gas

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In truth I’ve been giving it the beans for a while now but as of last week I am officially discharged and flying solo.
It’s been a long haul for sure but equally it’s all done and dusted in well under the 12 months originally prescribed.
I’ve experienced bits that work for me and things that don’t.
Some advice has been good, other advice excellent, and some just conservative ass covering advice.
For me, I have had to live with this body like forever so I’m getting good at reading the signals it gives out. All I needed was proactive regime to follow to speed up and strengthen the recovery.
The physios were exactly what I needed and I cannot praise their efforts enough.
I am now pretty much back up to speed with the windsurfing, just need to work on the endurance side a bit so I can give 100% for longer.
I gave myself a bit of a test at a local British Slalom Association event last Saturday using freeride kit to check my pace against the fast guys and was pretty pleased with myself. I wasn’t expecting to be so close to their speeds considering the kit differences let alone my rehab status (think road car going against touring car equivalent)
What has truly been a revelation for me with regards to helping my recovery has been stand up paddleboarding …. Wobble board exercise but on the water and also working the core and also other body parts … Truly been superb for me.
If any of you want to give it a go as part of your recovery then let me know …. Be happy to help you on your recovery path too

Good luck everyone …. And listen to your body, it knows more than you or the docs know … Just never easy to translate ;)

Surfs up :) Aloha

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Feb 23 2012

Up and running

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Ive been following my physio’s return to running program for a couple of weeks now, and today had an assessment with her to check progress.

In the ‘program’ I’ve got set ‘walk then run’ times, and it says that when I have done each of these three times then I can move on a level.

I read that as meaning three on the bounce, not three separate sessions, and instead of a nice steady 4mins walk and 2mins jog, I immediately kicked off with an 18min mixed treadmill session, after a 5min warm up on bike, and followed with a 500m concept2 row & another 5min on bike to cool down …. Then stretches.

We had a chuckle as I seem to have moved on about 8 weeks in two on the return to running program. That said, I eased off the heel raises and that showed when the tape measure came out. Good foot rises 4″, recovering one just 3″ ….. And I need to show 20 at 4″ before we can load it up for increased strength.

I didn’t exactly get a telling off, but I could sense that she was a little disappointed by this, and I guess I was a bit surprised having got stuck into the running, which is something I don’t really do ….

Guess I’ll be working on the heel raises a bit more before my next assessment, as well as carrying on with the gym work.

I’ve also just found out that with work I’m due to entertain a visitor by way of a round of golf …. I’m assuming that I’ll be okay playing golf given that I seem to cope pretty well with watersports etc ;)

Happy heeling folks :)

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Feb 08 2012

Upping the ante

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Things must be improving as I’m checking in here less and less.
I’ve managed some time on the water, some bike rides, plenty of general going about my day kind of activities and generally speaking I’m up and about relatively normally.
From a physio’s viewpoint, I have full range of motion and it’s all about building up the strength.
I’m doing heel raise and lower reps on steps and once I can do 20 without loss of height on my recovering Achilles then it’s time to load me up with a backpack and some weights to really build up strength.
Also that’s my official return to action ‘marker’ so I’m playing gentle until then ;)
Next step on the rehab program is treadmill work, with a ‘return to running’ program which should also help me with some cardio fitness and in turn trim the weight a touch.
Over the last 5 months I have actually put a little weight on, perhaps half a stone, but I guess this time of year I always put a little weight on through reduced time on the water and the Xmas excesses.
Perhaps my Achilles rehab program will see me start the 2012 season fitter than perhaps I started the 2011 one …. How about that for irony?
Hope everyone else is recovering well, they say 12 months, but I’ve been leading a relatively normal existence after 3-4 months. Everyone is different, but don’t look at the 12m as a fixed term repair and signifying the end of your life as you know it. Thinking that way messed with my mojo and it’s easy to believe that it could take that long as this injury really hits you like a juggernaut !!!!!!
Stay positive, be patient ……

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Dec 28 2011

Back in action

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Its seemed like an absolute age to me, but getting to a stage to even consider windsurfing is only half the battle. Once you are nearly fit enough, then forecasts reappear on the radar, then once you feel ready the right forecasts are hard to find, coupled with the UK winter, dark before and after work, so only 2 days a week are possible if the forecast suits …..

I’ve been doing lots of physio as had impressed my physio at the recent assessment. How nice is it to hear a lady armed with a tape measure praising girth and length? She was really impressed as length matched that of my good tendon, as did girth of my calf, but she noted that my good calf had actually gained half an inch girth too so was extra impressed with my progress.

Anyway, this morning offered the chance to dip the proverbial toe … So I headed to the beach to catch up with the guys and to see how it feels …. below is copied from a session log

28th December 2011
Windsurfing: Cooden
Wind Direction: W
Wind Stength: 15-25mph
Surf / Sea State: Big waves
Air Temperature: Ok
Sea Temperature: Ok
Weather: Overcast but bright

Quick tester session.
Not exactly ideal for first sail since the Achilles op with big waves and ripping tide and brides nighty breeze, but for a December sail it wasn’t cold.
Opted for the 10′5 so I could ride slow and steady and control speed etc while getting a feel for windsurfing again. Went for 5.7m same as Big Mark, and Julian was on a 5.51235m too so didn’t think I’d be overpowered
Set up seemed ideal, although I hadn’t rigged it quite right with harness lines far too far forward ….
Sailed out through the waves fine even trying a couple of cheeky wave hops and all felt fine. I had pretty much forgotten how to sail, fell at gybe, adjusted lines while in the drink, held on as a rogue wave hit me, got organised and water started fine. Riding in was FUN picking up some chunky waves, dropping down as steep as I dared and bottom turning to go back up the face for another go. Ankle seemed to cope fine with backside riding on the 10′5 which is great news as its a pretty big board to turn tight, but it is also a really manouvreable big wave board :)
Adding to the joy that a successful rehab session gives, it was great to catch up with the regulars down the beach for a sail :)
I’m not quite there yet, but I’m back :)
I should score it as a 5 for that alone, but being honest it was a short session and the rip was punishing everyone!!!

That to me is a real Xmas present …. Hopefully you guys all got some neat treats too :)

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Dec 17 2011

Xmas Party Season

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Been keeping up the physio and also doing my exercises at home, but it is the Xmas party season so it’s not the healthiest time of year in that respect !!!
Trying to minimise the negative impact of over indulgence and also to protect the ankle while feeling more ‘relaxed’ so that when I pick up the fitness pace in the new year there isn’t too much extra work required to just break even!!!!
With an enforced week off work between Xmas and new year, hopefully I will be on the SUP and bike a few times, plus sneak in a couple of gym sessions.
2012 already looks to be shaping up as a busy year with lots to do, and plenty to achieve.
I hope everyone has a good Xmas and new year :)

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Dec 02 2011

New toys arrive bang on cue

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I’ve been doing my physio, working hard but also holding back …
Frustrating being good, but it’s seemingly the right thing to do.
Timely arrival of a cool new Stand Up PaddleBoard is rehab friendly as I’m working hard with wobble boards and heel raise exercises, and I’ve found swimming to be good rehab.
Unseasonable mild temps and stronger winds are thwarting SUP action and also tempting testing of other new toys …. I know I should resist ….. But ….

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Nov 20 2011

Back in the T4

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This feels like progress as I’ve got the new starter motor on my T4 VW Transporter so can use my trusty van again :)
Admittedly I’ve been driving the wife’s van last week so not really a step change in that sense, however marks a return to normality with a busy weekend this weekend at RYA T15 Conference and next weekend with an invite to demo my brands at SWA event next weekend, And before the weekend, ‘Minds Wide Open’ movie premiere Wednesday night :) Nice, very nice indeed :)

Return to physio tomorrow …. Hopefully see some improvements and some more encouragement from my Physio :)

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Nov 10 2011

Physio session 2

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Good physio sesh this morning, ROM doing well. Got me on the wobble boards so good SUP and windsurf training ;) Did some ultrasound stuff too which seems to loosen it all up a bit which is cool. Also set me a pretty keen regime over the next week to get full ROM before crack on with strength stuff. Recommended I use the kids Wii Fit for fun rehab tool so got them to fire it up this eve and see if my Mii was any fitter than me …. Not sure as it happened, not sure about my Wii Fit age of 60 !!! It did say that I’d lost 8lbs since I last used the Wii though so wasn’t all doom and gloom ;) Ice pack and foot elevated to help work the swelling, guess that makes me the perfect patient today ;) lol

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Nov 06 2011


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Nothing to strenuous but a nice family trip to the local pool to see how it felt.
Pretty good as it happened, could swim ok, could even dive in off the side with a major bias to left foot pushing off.
Most nervous bit really was walking on side of the pool worried about slipping.
Good news is pool is open early so I could start going before work and see how it helps, and it did seem to as my ankle was not anywhere near as stiff afterwards when I walked back to the car.
Not only was it good for my rehab, it was nice to be having fun with the family :)
Happy daze

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