3.5 weeks and officially tired of NWB

So, I’m 3.5 weeks out from Haglund’s Deformity removal and the Achilles repair that goes along with it.  I’m officially tired of being NWB. Tired of not being able to carry things from one room to another. Tired of crutching my way up and down the 3 sets of stairs in our house. Tired of sitting on the couch watching crappy TV. Tired of all the movies in our DVD collection. Tired of the room I’ve come to call “the dungeon”, otherwise known as our family room. And really, just plain tired. It turns out not eating or sleeping for a week does a number on your immune system and I’ve managed to pick up a rotten cold. That coupled with post surgical fatigue has left me feeling, well, tired.  Too tired to do much of anything for any period of time.  And I’m bored.
I’m allowed to take off my boot and move my foot a little, and boy is it stiff. In every direction. I tried resting my foot on the floor (no weight, I promise!), in hopeful anticipation of being allowed to start bearing weight a week from now, and can’t even get it to the right angle to be able to stand on it. The dorsiflexion to neutral is just not there.

And I’m really bored.  Did I mention I’m bored?

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  1. Sorry you’re so bored. I have to say I would have been in much worse shape without the knee scooter. With that I could do most everything I needed to. I even got to where I could haul it up/down the flight of stairs since hubby wasn’t always around to help. I didn’t get to bear weight until the 6 week mark. But at 3 weeks I did get to start doing the basic ROM - right to left and forward/backwards stretching. That was it though.

    The not driving did annoy me though. I was quite capable of doing it with my left foot, but hubby didn’t want to risk it since California is so sue happy and if something went wrong the lawyers would find a way for me to be liable. Since yours is the left foot - you should be able to drive.

    Keep your chin up - and get out of the house a bit. I would scooter around our court when I went really crazy. I did get hubby to drive me to 24 hour fitness and drop me off and I did as many one legged exercises as I could as well as arm exercises. That helped a lot too.

  2. Thanks cserpent. Our house is a 4 level side split, which means one or two rooms on a level and then stairs. I think a knee scooter would just be annoying in this situation!
    My surgeon said hopefully by my appointment next week I’d be able to start weight bearing, but he’s changed his mind before, so, I’m hopeful, but not holding my breath!
    I have gone out with hubby a couple of times, but I get so exhausted so fast, I can’t really go too far for too long. I absolutely could drive, but feel like my head’s just not in it yet! And that’s not good for anybody!! Being in Southern Ontario Canada, we are just coming into spring, so I have been trying to sit out on the deck in the afternoons when it’s sunny and warmish (~60 F) to get out of the dungeon!
    I will keep plugging along, of course, and try to keep my chin up. Brighter days ahead. Seeing your progress definitely helps as you’re about 5 weeks ahead of me, so it’s nice to see what I have in store.

  3. We’re just a 2 story - and then one step down from the front door to the living room and hallway. I understand the exhausted thing! I just found that as long as I kept doing things I got a bit more stamina every day. I used to break out in a sweat just going down the stairs or just taking a shower - LOL! Now I’m doing some yardwork (in my boot), cooking some meals, … And my consulting work just started up. Fortunately I can limit that to no more than 5 hours a day since by that time my foot is wanting to get elevated.

    And I totally get your head not being in it. I tried and tried to do some work in the first 6 weeks and just couldn’t concentrate. Part of it was my inability to sleep with the cast and then with the night splint I have. I think not being as active also was part of the sleep problem. Once I was PWB at week 6 I started sleeping better. And now that I wear shoes a few hours a day I’m sleeping even better.

    And do get on the web and do some 1-legged workouts! Just go to youtube and do a search - you’ll find some. Those really help your frame of mind and also help you build up stamina. I happen to have some weights at home - but if you don’t you can use some canned goods - LOL!

    Brighter days are indeed ahead for you - especially if you get to be PWB soon! But do it carefully! I did use a crutch when I first started walking in the boot. After about 2 days I only needed it when I walked too much. Now I don’t use it at all.

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