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Letting It Grow

I’m hanging out with a group of girl-friends from high school this weekend. We’ve gotten together once or twice a year since graduation 22 years ago. While talking with one on the phone last night, her husband joined in on the conversation offering to play me in tennis now that I had the ATR. We always had competitive matches back in school, so it would be great to be back out there. Anyway, he mentioned his brother ruptured his AT about 5 years ago (at around age 40) … and 5 months later he ran the Houston Marathon and finished. He’s always been athletic and active, but I can’t imagine pushing to run 26 miles within 5 months. I’m going to call him and find out more about his post-op protocol and the degree of damage he had. I’m not interested in meeting that goal, but I’m curious how he got there. :)

Anyway, somewhere on this forum yesterday I came across the analogy of hair growing & patience. It is hard to be patient in recovery from an ATR with so much going on around us, most of us were injured being active, and we start to feel good and want to keep going. Recovery, even the little milestones, seems to happen as fast as hair grows at times.

But here’s the thing about growing hair: You don’t see it growing minute by minute, or day by day, but one day you wake up and you need a hair cut. Being able to stand w/o feeling any discomfort , seeing my scar had finally closed completely, and realizing I could dorsiflex with my foot easily were all “I Need A Haircut” moments. I hadn’t been focusing on making them happen, but had been doing the little bits daily to get me to those points - which in the beginning (for me) meant being NWB, keeping it elevated as much as possible, icing to control swelling, and all the other babying steps needed when it is so tender and vulnerable.

So, hang in there those of you just starting off. It will get better. Enjoy (as much as possible) the down time. Rest your body and focus on taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Ask for help. People want to help - it makes them feel good. Just be appreciative and patient with them when they help in their own way.

Tell me about some of your own “I need a haircut” moments. When did you wake up & realize you’d passed another milestone in ATR recovery? Other than when the casts get changed and you see how long the hair on your leg is. :-P

Me and my girls. That’s me far left.

25+ Year Friends

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jacksprat wrote @ July 26th, 2008 at 3:46 pm

Hi Sheila,
having fun with friends at 7wks; thats now become my next goal, 4 weeks away still. I still feel like a caged bird. This site helps a lot though.
Thats really interesting about the guy running a marathon after 5 months; please do post the info on his recovery (did he really have an ATR? or did he just want the sympathy - check his scar;-)
I guess my milestones are
1) getting the cast off permanently (Aug 5th)
2) 1st Physio (should be soon after 1)
3) PWB/1st exercise (swimming?)/driving
4) FWB
5) the gym; I really miss my routines
I dont think Im gonna wake up and realise Im at a milestone because Im watching my progress like a hawk. And thats the problem; anything takes longer when you scrutinise every second of it. So I need to try and focus my mind elsewhere, somehow.

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