28 since surgery for re-rupture

Hi all,

how time flies when you’re not nursing a cast for an ATR….

28 weeks now and can do a single leg calf raise, although the physio said I was cheating a bit. Broke into a run the other day but bottom line, I’m lazy. The physio said at my age (47) if I don’t work at getting the strength back then it won’t come at all. My only incentive is to get back on a snowboard next year but then I wonder if my bottle will have gone for fear or more injuries. I think I’ll stick to wine drinking, at home, then I can’t fall over and do it again. Maybe I’ll have to stay downstairs too, or better still not move at all!

On a serious note, good luck to all who are new to this. As been said many times in the past it does get easier. My tendon is still very tight if I have been sitting for ages and in the morning I limp for the first few steps. I have a cankle now, no longer an ankle and the calf is still a hairy twig. I have always had skinny lower legs but now it is straight up and down. Need to start adding weight to the calf raises. Happy days to all.

Hi to Hillie, David R, Ryan B and of course Norm xxx

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  1. Sheena,
    I take it you are 28 weeks from a re-rupture?

    I am 22 weeks from surgery for full tear. I have found PT practices for 40yr olds to be a bit conservative, and based upon my readings have modified the program a bit (more balance training focus).

    Recently I experienced sensations that have me worried about retear and my PT can’t explain.

    Numbness in ball of foot and outside toes, brief sharpe needle pains up the length of the scar.

    Having experienced a reinjury, have you ever experienced such sensations in the injury?

  2. All good things, Sheena!

  3. Good to hear from you Sheena. You were one month post-2nd-op when I had my surgery and Im still not running yet (very close). The bAttle against Atrophy is one of endurance and perseverance. I’m still fighting that uphill battle also. Good luck with the rest of your recovery and happy healing.

    Time for an uphill walk in a few minutes :)

  4. Hi Sundance,
    this is probably a bit too late to help you? When you say you had a full tear, do you mean a complete rupture? I’m not a doc of course, but if you did, the symptoms you’re describing don’t sound like a re-rupture to me but who knows. My re-rupture, I knew immediately. A specialist said he wasn’t sure so I had an MRI but to be honest, I was sure. I felt it go and the MRI, for me at least, was clutching at straws. Let us know how you are?

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