20 weeks since FHL graft for re rupture

How time flies once you can walk again….

Started a new job so been very busy. I’m doing well and the FHL graft feels good, feels strong. Doing my physio, can calf raise on both legs but not single yet, even broke into a slight jog the other day without realising but I am still over cautious, the snow has terrified me! Been swimming and take Norms advice about calf raises in the water. Hope the community is all good and happy healing to all. Gets easier over time it really does. Bracing for one last snow fall here….

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  1. Awesome Sheena! Glad that you are doing so well. The single calf raises should come in due time. I’m in trhe same place. I can calf raise with both, or single in the water, although I tend to get pretty the sore the next day if I have a hard session in PT (Hence I try to schedule on Monday, Wed, & Fri). :Cheers to getting better and happy healing.

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