Nearly 13weeks of round two

Hi all,

nearly 13 weeks now and it seems good. Doing physio and started to walk the kids to school again. Nearly a mile each way. Amazing how unfit I am after six months and doing this twice though. I’m shattered after walking to school. Get lots of aches and pains in it from time to time and it still feels tight. I’m aware that I’m coming up to the time that I re ruptured so am in the danger zone. It does seem to feel a bit stronger this time than last though. whether that’s the FHL graft who knows…Happy healing all those out there and the new comers too!

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  1. Congrats Sheena. Slow and steady is the way to do it and glad to hear your making so much progress. I can’t wait to have the strength to walk the kids back to school also. I might take a day off of work just to do that!

  2. Congrats Sheena - I’ve admired your resolve throughout your challenging journey and continue to wish you an uncomplicated, progressive rehab.

    Happy healing :)

  3. Sheena, good on you!, I’m just at 10 weeks now following re-rupture and yesterday was told that I can go back into 2 shoes with heels. Can you remember that feeling of being told we can go back into 2 shoes the 2nd time round, talk about a nervous moment!!, I have put up some posters on my starirs to remind me to go one step at a time, I’m not falling for the over confidence thing this time round!!. Hope to follow your posts as we both go through that period up to 20 weeks when perhaps we can start to relax again !!. Jon

  4. Hi! I am also a re-rupture. I am not near getting into 2 shoes because I had another surgery for infection about 3 weeks ago. I did not know about the danger zone the first time around and now I do. I laughed out loud when I read about posting reminder signs. No kidding. This is very heartening to read — good luck in the coming weeks and hope to join you soon in the road to full recovery.

  5. This probably isnt the right place to ask this but i will anyway! I am just passed the 13 week mark and i am still unable to do a standing one legged calf raise (on my bad leg) without holding on to something and helping me do it.
    My physio thinks that this is ‘not right’ and by this time i should be able to do them on the one leg, and he wants me to go back and see the surgeon to look at what is wrong?
    I thought i was heading in the right direction and i am really disappointed with this. I am in two shoes and have been for nearly 5 weeks. I still get the odd ache and pain and tightness. I have been doing all of my physio, going swimming - when i say swimming i mean paddling around with a few kicks and doing one standing calf raise in the water.
    Just thought i’d share and would love feedback if anyone else has had a similar situation?
    Thanks everyone.

  6. Hi Sheena, how are things?

    Caitlin, I’m 7 months tomorrow and can’t do a single leg calf raise, and my surgeon and physio say I’m not behind, so I wouldn’t worry!

  7. I’m with DavidR. It’s way early to be able to do a 1LHR, or to worry that you can’t. (After my 1st ATR, I “lucked out” and COULD do a few at 12-ish weeks — but then I set myself back a painful month by actually DOING them! Details on my blog.)

    If you do ‘em in the pool — do a bunch in deep enough water that you can — you’ll be able track your progress with the water level. As you strengthen, you’ll gradually emerge toward the shallow end ’til you can do ‘em on shore.

  8. I’m fourteen weeks and only just doing two legged calf raises! The in the pool advice is best!

  9. Just popped on and was looking around to see how you were doing Sheena - trust all is well :)

  10. Sheena,
    I have totally ruptured my achilles twice (with wound healing complications). My current doctor is suggesting the FHL transfer surgery. My current condition is a very weak achilles because of the healing issues, and its probably made up of mostly scar tissue and not actual tendon.
    Overall, would you recommend this surgery? I know its a little early for you, but would you say the tendon feels stronger? BEcause that is what im looking for if i have the FHL transfer surgery, a little more strengh.
    Thank you so much,

  11. @Andrew, I’m good thanks. Been busy with new job but will post progress soon.

    yes is the short answer my tendon feels stronger. I reruptered and the surgeon didn’t even discuss the FHL graft with me, reason being, he didn’t know I’d need it until I was on the table. In full point my tendon didn’t meet so he did the FHL graft. It is never going to be as good as an achilles graft but they come from …well I think dead people? Not 100% on that one but think so. My toes will not curl up as well as they did before but I don’t plan to hang from any trees by them so that doesn’t bother me. My surgical repair feels much stronger than when I recovered no op but that is just me, I don’t think I healed very well and may have just had a load of scar tissue there.
    I am very happy with my FHL graft. Hope that helps and good luck with it all.

  12. @xsoccerplayer

    is there a way to know if the healing is more scar tissue than tendon? I just assumed that if the tendon has closed it’s all tendon material.

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