10 weeks two shoes 2nd time around

Hi all

ten weeks today after surgery for a re rupture…had FHL tendon graft. Officially in two shoes indoors and out with boot outside if on dodgy ground like son’s muddy football pitch last Saturday. Tendon feels tight but what feels tighter is around the front of my ankle. Feels like it’s in a vice. Did anyone else feel that? So if I’m trying to DF the tightness is all around the front of my ankle at the bottom of my shin where my leg  joins my foot.  Also the achilles feels like it’s catching on something in the bottom of my leg. Massage makes if feel OK but it is a little weird feeling. Seeing the physio Wednesday to up the regime. Can’t believe it is six months since my first rupture and here I am going into two shoes…..

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  1. I would know the tight feeling, what to do, or why. Although, I would like to say Congrats on the move to 2 shoes! I’m sure all considering it feels great and my doc says I’ll be at the same place in 4-6 weeks.

  2. Hi Sheena,

    I did get a tightness around the front of the foot, you can see it in my blog here:


    One thing I realised on reflection - as well as the achilles tendon and calf muscles weakening, so is the ankle itself - all probably doubly so for you because of the re-rupture.

    I recall that I was more than hapy to reduce the hinge movement on my boot (from -5 to zero +5), this was to make sure that (in the event of a trip or fall) when on even sufaces, there was no way the achilles could be stretched beyond a safe range, providing solid protection - of course it makes the walking less natural, but it’s a small price to pay to have freedom with reduced risk in the event of an accident… was trying to offset added freedom with better protection.

    All in all though, great news that you’re back in two shoes, another milestone reached :)

  3. Sometimes you can feel a lot of tightness — I used to call it “congestion”, because that’s what it reminded me of — from pretty small amounts of swelling. Make sure you’re doing enough RICE to keep your ankle “slim” and see if that helps. It’s also possible that you’re hyper-extending or dislocating one of the small joints in front of the ankle, trying to squeeze more DF out of a tight AT. (More details on my newest blog page, about “healing short”.)

    If it’s the latter, your PT may be able to show you how to do DF stretches that leave those joints alone. My podiatrist jammed his finger in one of those joints to keep it from dislocating, and he also recommended that I stretch with my knee over my big toe or even slightly “inside”, rather than over my other toes.

  4. Good work Sheena - glad to hear you’re doing well!!

  5. Hi Sheena, this is great news, how are you getting along?

  6. Hi Sheena & DavidR

    Wondered how you both were? Is the flat living up to expectations David?
    I’ m just a bit ahead of you Sheena 4 weeks or so - thanks for tip re biooil been massaging twice per day used one by Visirdium in the end, scar looks v good also helps flexibility and ROM as I spend a good 5 minutes before doing my exercises..
    In 2 shoes as of about 4 weeks ago, 15 weeks post op but able to go for walks trying desperately to walk smoothly and avoid limping but I seem to have lost a lot of strength and confidence, not creating a very good bend below my toes and trying to walk heel toe thru the foot - will it come back?!

    Walked 1.5 miles yesterday and ventured into London twice with one crutch so very grateful! It’ s hairy when commuters walk into you though, useful weapons and people do let you have a seat..

    All the best to you both

  7. Hi David R and Dolly D Dream,
    I’m doing OK thanks and I’m about to write a quick post. How are you David R?

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