4 weeks post op for re rupture, my doc loved the Vacoped.

Hi guys,

well went to see my surgeon today sporting my new self funded vacoped…I was a little nervous that he might tell me off for sourcing my own boot without him as he is an Aircast man. I have a good rapport with my guy though and it was actually quite funny. He didn’t even look at my leg he just said OK tell me about the Vacoped. He sat there, he listened to every word. He asked if I had shares in the company and then said, OK, well from now on you can pretty much take care of your own rehab. You know what you’re doing, you know what you can tolerate. Reduce the angle by 5 degrees weekly if you can tolerate it. I’ll see you in two weeks and and please tell the guy from Vacoped that I would like to talk to him about getting this boot in for the NHS here! Voila, job done!  He’s a good guy and recognised something better when it was put in front of him.

I changed the angle of my boot to 10 degrees and trotted out of there with him saying, weight bear as tolerated and see you in a couple of weeks………..with a referal to physio in my hand!

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  1. Hi Sheena

    Looking good! When you adjust the boot I assume you are giving yourself an agreed range of movement. increasing with each adjustment.

    Maybe he’ll have some in on trial when you go back in 2 weeks time.

    Don’t forget ebay when you finish with yours, although I know that I’m going to hold on to mine for s while yet. My knee scooter may be on there this weekend.

  2. Hey Sheena

    That boot looks pretty nice. My doctor gave me a Bledsoe (http://www.bledsoebrace.com/products/achilles.asp). From what I can see yours would be nicer on the fabrics. Mine is super “velco-y” and sticks to everything: cloths, couch, bed sheets, etc.

  3. Hillie,
    I am following a protocol almost identical to the UWO, a very kind fellow ATRer sent it to me……..

  4. Wacaine,
    not familiar with the Bledsoe at all but I think the Vaco is an ace boot. I have always said I loved my Aircast but my Vaco is like a bentley and my Aircast comes in well, more like a ford……..sorry to all Ford owners no offense meant at all!

  5. Oh Hillie,
    meant to say, my poor old Aircast is going on Ebay first unless anyone wants to but it here?

  6. Doh! Meant to say if anyone wants to BUY it here…

  7. That’s awesome Sheena, Glad your recovery is going so well. A few weeks away from you, but give me plenty of time to do my research, as soon as I’m feeling a little better.

  8. Good to have a nice and flexible Doc, AND to be able to score a point for future ATR patients, too!

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