I treated myself to a Vacoped, what a boot!

Hi all,

so, on my second rupture, I thought, I want to try a Vacoped. I want to find out for myself if it’s different. I am in the UK and my NHS hospital supplies Aircast (cost thing I guess). I actually have been very happy with my Aircast. It’s comfortable and easy but does not have a hinge so you wear heel wedges. They are not bad and when standing can easily put all my weight thru the heel just to rest off my crutches for a while. I am 3 weeks post op and my guy wants me to PWB only until I see him next Wednesday. This is similar to the UWO prtocol at the moment. Not sure what his plans will be for me next week.

So back to the Vacoped. Well firstly, I ordered it from Oped UK ( in Devizes), and the lovely manager, Jason, came here with the boot and fitted it for me as there isn’t a local hospital that could do it. How is that for service?

First immpressions….it is a third lighter than the Aircast and much better quality. Jason talked me through the fitting, easy stuff, voila, it is a great boot. It is really snug, better fitting than the Aircast, not so sloppy. The liner is really comfortable and it comes with a spare so you can wash it and it is lighter. I will wear this boot in bed as it is not so heavy and the sole can be removed.

I have the large rocker sole on at the moment and I am wearing a healed boot on the other foot to even it out. (I should have bought an even up and will order one).

So, my verdict on the Vacoped. It is a great boot and really good quality. (What do you expect it is German engineering)!

Any tips from other Vaco wearers for walking in the big sole.

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  1. Sheena, I bought a “Volatile” platform shoe with a 3″ heel and it worked great with the large sole. It was stable and comfy and looked better with clothes. There’s a pic on my blog. Buy a size up if you go that way.

  2. Thanks Kim, I’ll take a look now. How are you doing and your new family?

  3. Hey Sheena - I’m doing well - back to normal in shoes. No running yet as I’m still struggling with DF and compensate when walking barefoot. Road biking, walking fast, stumbling on rough ground with no worries. AT is strong, just tight. My girls are doing great - it’s good to be outside and active with them again! It’s really cool to be pivoting on the injured foot all the time - it finally feels safe. :). Hope you get there soon!

  4. Hi Sheena,

    Glad you got the Vaco, how are you finding things!?

  5. Sounds good, Sheena.

  6. DavidR,
    vaco is ace. I think I did it up a little tightly on day one but Jason from Oped had explained so soon sorted that out. I have alternated my Aircast to compare and I hate to say there is no comparison.
    The Aircast feels like it is on the wrong foot. It feels heavy and it feels like a welly around my leg. The Vaco is light, fits beautifully, easy to sleep in. If anyone has a choice I would go for Vaco anytime.
    Re your stairs I’m sure Norm has posted a method of how to get up and downstairs early on.

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