Nearly 7 weeks from re rupture surgery,scared to dorsi flex…

Hi all,
I’m 7 weeks post op on Monday. Doc seems happy. Nearly neutral in my vacoped boot and will crank it down on Monday,┬ábut boy am I scared to dorsi flex. I can just about stretch to neutral. My physio has asked that I use a towel to stretch beyond neutral from the middle of [...]

4 weeks post op for re rupture, my doc loved the Vacoped.

Hi guys,
well went to see my surgeon today sporting my new self funded vacoped…I was a little nervous that he might tell me off for sourcing my own boot without him as he is an Aircast man. I have a good rapport with my guy though and it was actually quite funny. He didn’t even [...]

I treated myself to a Vacoped, what a boot!

Hi all,
so, on my second rupture, I thought, I want to try a Vacoped. I want to find out for myself if it’s different. I am in the UK and my NHS hospital supplies Aircast (cost thing I guess). I actually have been very happy with my Aircast. It’s comfortable and easy but does not [...]

Re rupture 3 weeks post op.

Hi all,
it’s now 3 weeks since my op and I’m in my boot. 4 heel wedges and PWB with crutches. I am being very good! My doc said I didn’t have to sleep in my boot which has been fine, however, at least 3 times last night I woke up abruptly when in my sleep [...]