Anyone else heard of PRP?

Hi all,

been reading Arielvit’s post. Has anyone else heard of PRP injections. also he was walking FWB in an aircast after one week… Jeez what is going on here? I want to know why we are ALL not offered this stuff?

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  1. Yup. It is the same procedure that Tiger Woods had done to his knee to help him heal faster.

    My guess is that it’s not openly offered because a lot of insurance providers won’t cover it and also because it can be painful as it involves extracting your own blood, extracting the PRP from your blood, and then having a handful of injections of the PRP back into the injured area.

  2. Hi Sheena

    Maybe best not to get too worked up about this stuff. I hadn’t heard about PRP until now (except for performance related pay in some jobs) and although it appears to do no harm, its positive healing effect is not yet proven, and the reported reduction in recovery time certainly variable. I can’t see NICE approving it in the UK just yet, but there certainly appear to be private practices offering it. And remember, you went private, and your consultant didn’t mention it - why not if it is good and he can charge for it?

    I guess that if you had pots of money to spend, and trying to shave a week or two off gaining full mobility, it might have been worth a go.


  3. There are 1 or 2 threads here dealing extensively with PRP. I paid $1200 for 3 shots this time, just a few weeks before the only study came out showing no benefit compared to injecting saline solution for AT tendinosis. I wouldn’t spring for it now myself. (Might pay for saline, though!)

  4. Hi Sheena, both sets of docs I saw said PRP best suited to partial tears to stimulate body’s natural healing process. For full tears that are surgically repaired the trauma of surgery is enough to trigger the healing response so PRP injections might not offer any added value. Plus they supposedly hurt like hell and are expensive hence the reason not widespread. I would think that full tears with non-op healing maybe PRP makes more sense but I don’t know what the research says about that scenario.

    So how did surgery go? Sounds like you are doing okay. Just take it easy and be confident that this time it’ll work. I am about 13 weeks post-op and feel great. Walked with a tiny limp until about 2 wks ago but now barely noticeable. PT going great. Maybe ready to jog in month or so?

    Hang in there! It gets better.


  5. Hi All,

    I completely ruptured my AT and I am scheduled for surgery in 4 days. The surgeon has a PRP option and I am wondering if any of you have had success with this. I have heard both good and bad so I don’t know what to believe. I’m guessing all the big name athletes get it done because they can afford it and it seems it can do no harm. My question is will it do something good or would I be wasting my money. The price is $750.

    I do have one other question; how long should I expect to be out of work for after surgery? I have my own office and I am mainly behind a desk all day. I am reading that I may be out for 2 months! If so have any of you gone the short term disability route? It’s my right leg so driving is going to be difficult.

    Sorry for the rambling, lots of thoughts going through my head.


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